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Hello, I was bound to find the chronic pain group sooner or later!

I have Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility Type which basically means my ligaments are massively underdeveloped and don't hold my joints together the way they're supposed to. This also means my muscles have to work much harder than a normal persons to keep me upright. I scored full marks on the Beighton score which means I'm massively day left jointed!

I was born with hip dysplasia and spent the first six months of my life with my legs in splints to sort that out. I was diagnosed at 15 when I sprained my ankle. The pain started when I was 19, just in my ankles but gradually it's spread to all my joints. Various joints also like to dislocate or sublaxate, most notably my left thumb, middle toe on my left foot and my right hip.

Essentially, every ounce of fat on my body increases my pain, so losing weight is essential. As is strength training to make sure my muscles are strong. There's a good chance that I will develop osteoarthritis at a young age.

At the moment it's summer and the pain isn't terrible, it's deal able on a daily basis. Come winter I'll be back on all the painkillers!

Essay over!


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    *double jointed!
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    Welcome! We aren't a super active group for understandable reasons, but we get here when able!

    Your struggle is amazing! I hope you can find the answer that works for you!

    For me I have found the LCHF way of eating (woe) to be very effective with weight loss, without exercising! I'm actually seven pounds from my goal weight! I'm so happy that I've found this woe!
    I have lost 50 ish pounds since beginning this woe! I've tried exercising, but the pain response is too great for me to continue! So glad I found a woe that works, and is for life! I won't be returning to the way I used to eat (that way made me fat, and unhealthy!)!!
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    Hi! My name is Nancy. I'm pretty new to the group too.

    I never heard of your diagnosis until my daughter started Special Education. One of her friends has it along with some other problems. We all went to the State Special Olympics and it was really noticeable how much she struggles. She was in a 50 yard run, standing long jump and softball throw. The way they work it, based on regionals and age group, she still got medals!! Sorry, off the subject! Anyway, I'd say your diagnosis is more than just being "double jointed".

    Good luck to you! Feel free to add me as a friend if you'd like!!