Road Trip this weekend

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I'm heading to Indiana for a family wedding with the hubby and baby girl (6 months) on Friday. We've never been in the car over 3 hours with our daughter and this trip will be a little over four.
We plan on stopping periodically and letting little girl stretch and get some fresh air/diaper change/bottle...whatever we need at the time.
She is good sleeper and we are hoping to get some good naps while on the road but there are times she doesn't love her car seat either.
Any advice on car tripping with the little one? I'm really looking forward to the trip and finding out how she does with travel :)


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    Have an amazing time! My husband's family live about 4 hours drive away. Just being flexible with the journey helps and knowing in advance some possible places you might stop for a nappy change (diaper where you are?) Feed etc. Enjoy the wedding! As for the wedding itself, we went to one recently where I'd been worried about my baby being noisy by crying when instead she found us all being quiet hilarious and was giggling and babbling so loudly my husband took her outside for their vows! Good luck and enjoy it!xx
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    Thanks. We attended a Catholic church wedding a couple weekends ago and she did great for the long service so I'm hoping the short civil service will be quite easy
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    Hahaha yep, this one will be easy in comparison! Enjoy. I love weddings!xx
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    Just one baby? When we did our first road trips with our first child, I would sit in the back seat next to him. So, he could see me and if he got hangry, I could hold his bottle while we drove. (We made stops as well, but that wasn't always feasible and I'm not a fan of listening to screaming hangry baby.) And I could pick up his toys if he wanted them back after throwing them on the floor.

    Once he was big enough to sit facing forward and hold his own bottle, I moved back to the front seat (and baby #2 never got this treatment - but he had big brother to look at next to him). It's not necessary, but can be helpful if baby doesn't want to nap.

    And leave at least an hour earlier than you would have if baby wasn't in the picture. Expect to stop at least once every two hours.