Most Favorite / Least Favorite BB Programs?

I'd love to know your opinions!


  • zoritt
    zoritt Posts: 68 Member
    Fave: insanity, insanity max30, body beast and p90x, hard corps 22, t25. I enjoy shaun T and Tony horton Vids. Body beast was the best with respect to lifting and i wish they did another lifting program

    Least: country heat, piyo
  • Melany502
    Melany502 Posts: 77 Member
    Favs: 21 day fix and Brazil Butt Lift
    Least Fav: Insanity and Turbo Fire
  • Misspinklift
    Misspinklift Posts: 384 Member
    edited December 2016
    I lives them all but I didn't like insanity much. Call me crazy but I do like breathing from time to time. It is one of my favorite things to do. I won't go near the dancing ones bc it isn't my thing.
  • teddyrichards
    teddyrichards Posts: 12 Member
    Love t25 used many of its exercise to build my own programs that work a lot better. Have about 5 programs many 30 to 60 minutes long. Bought the pyyogy but it was not my thing just bought core de force looks like fun I am a 63 year old male about 25 pounds overweight but in pretty good shape
  • JJordon
    JJordon Posts: 857 Member
    Ahoy there. Just joined up here. Off the top of my head, one stands out. Yoga Booty Ballet. Uhh... uhh...yeah, it's uhhh not for me.