10/07 Friday Day 7 SLBC

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Today's Challenge: You selected one action in particular to focus on this month that should result in you sitting less. How is this priority action going? Is it becoming easier to do and maybe even a habit? Stick with it and give it some attention. New habits need regular practice!

Alternative Challenge: Make a point to park further away from where ever you go to today. Those extra steps really add up!


  • themedalist
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    I am looking forward to hearing how your "one thing"s are going!
  • Havamal71
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    Timing... I started parking in the furthest spot about a week ago. It was one of those low hanging fruit things for getting up and moving more. Works great and cuts down on dings to the vehicle! Plus no more worrying about all those people out there that can't seem to figure out how to park!
  • motivatedeeat74
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    Good challenge I need to walk more trying for a back brace so I can do it more thanks much!
  • LogR4Life
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    I think this is the first easiest challenge I have ever participated in!! I love walking even while I struggle with weight loss. Parking far away has always been a habit and such a great way to get more steps!!
  • themedalist
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    If you could also put your progress and successes regarding your "One Thing" in our "accomplishments" thread, that would be great! Nothing is too small to be noted and high-fived!


  • betsym3
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    I think that I'm going to start going back to the gym, beginning this weekend. I have a membership that I rarely use, and this might help with my lose skin from the 25 lbs that I lost this year so far.
  • bdgfn
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    My "one thing" is going quite well, to be honest. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, now that I am getting up and walking away from my desk at least every hour I have noticed my knees are not as stiff as they had been, and that in turn makes it easier to get up and walk every hour!

    As for the alternative challenge, I have been doing this at work for a while. And on my walk this afternoon I decided it was time to do that in other places as well, such as the grocery store.
  • mindse
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    My one thing didn't sound too ambitious but maybe it was! I committed to getting up and walking for ten minutes three times a day. I did that for one day but then old habits took over. I'm going to set a timer today to get back on track
  • b07278
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    Usually take dog out at least twice a day (others take him other times, depending on who he goes to) will take him out more myself and add walking time to each trip.
  • thinisinforlynn2
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    I'll be parking in the furthest spot today for a start. I've been getting up whenever a commercial comes on and take walk around my house. My dog thinks I'm a little bonkers.
  • M310
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    I don't leave my house much, so instead of parking far away, I'll try to move around while waiting for household things like the microwave or coffee pot.
  • Nikion901
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    My "One Thing" had a slow start this week, yet I've been better at it as the days have gone by. This morning I had a clean kitchen to make breakfast in ... but lunch is finding coffee making supplies sitting on the stove and the breakfast dish in the sink ... gonna keep after myself on this.
  • CherylPierce
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    My one thing is to walk 10,000 steps each day. I've been pretty sick and have had a difficult time with this so far. Yesterday, I did 7,500. Hoping for more today.
  • blitzbis
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    I have parked further away that usual at work etc (that was a nice one I stole from @77tes (and likely others but I saw hers first). Getting my 10,000 in each day and feeling proud. This weekend I'm hoping to break 20,000 each day. Time to mow the yard!
  • rbelfiore0262
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    Parked in the farthest parking lot to my work. Whew!
  • blitzbis
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    @CherylPierce Hope you are feeling better! Keep stepping!
  • hollyhock1009
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    I did my 1 thing - getting up and washing dishes immediately after meals and snacks, well for the 1st 2 days. Then I slacked off - not because I forgot, but because I have been slowly cleaning out my upper kitchen cabinets, and so those items from the cabinet were in the way. But maybe the extra activity going up and down the step stool make up for it.

    Today I got groceries. The parking lot isn't very big, I admit I parked in the middle. However, bringing the groceries up to my apartment is 150 steps each way, for 3 trips. And instead of going down for my mail on 1 of the trips back to the car, I made a separate trip for that.
  • HappyAnna2014
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    I did my one thing, picking up sticks in the yard before I got in the car. It is a great way to start the day!
  • 77tes
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    @CherylPierce It is such a bummer when getting sick interferes with your plans for awesomness. Take care, and you'll soon be hitting that goal.