10/08 Saturday Day 8 SLBC

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Today's Challenge: Enjoy your Saturday but please make it an active one. There are lots of ways to keep moving. Gardening and yard tending, walking with a friend, checking out a local farmer's market or going for a bike ride are a few of the many possibilities!

Supplemental Weekend Reading:
A neuroscientist says there’s a powerful benefit to exercise that is rarely discussed


  • themedalist
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    Although we don't typically have a formal challenge on the weekends, we hope you'll chime in and let us know what fun activities you're doing this weekend!

    I'm going for a walk! The fall foliage here in northern New England is beautiful!

    Enjoy your weekend!
  • 77tes
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    The Farmers' Market is part of my Saturday morning chores. I'll meet up with my sister there, and we'll head off to a workout at Curves. Sunday I'm hoping to do a bit of dancing practice after church, but I'll see if I'm able to rustle up a few victims, I mean partners. :)
  • hollyhock1009
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    This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada. For us we have a dinner planned out at a restaurant late this afternoon. Because I was ill 1 day this week, I am still catching up on house stuff this AM, and plan to do my 30 minutes exercising tonight. I will read the supplemental reading later on.
    We do have a hike planned for Monday though.
  • allmannerofthings
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    That article is great motivation - especially for those of us trying to age gracefully!
  • HappyAnna2014
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    It's a little rainy here, but so far, I've been able to walk 1.5 miles outside. Later, I'm going shopping and walking all over the place. Exercise + Retail Therapy = Sheer Joy!!
  • MiamiSeoul
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    Thanks for the good read! Deal with stress + improve memory - I need to exercise every second of every day!
  • LogR4Life
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    Off to the local fall fair! Lots of walking and enjoying the beautiful fall day!!! The article on the added benefit of exercise was also pretty inspiring!
  • bdgfn
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    We met up with another couple at our town's farmers market here in Germany and ended up walking about town for about an hour or so. I didn't get the steps in that I would have liked to today, but it was a good day.
  • fanncy0626
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    Today we walked to a local restaurant. Later in the day we took the dog for a walk. I am in the process of getting ready for a vacation and trying on clothes to see what fits and start packing!
  • CherylPierce
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    Went thrift store shopping with my daughter. Found some good stuff and got in a lot of steps!
  • themedalist
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    Sounds like you all had a great Saturday!
  • 77tes
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    @hollyhock1009 Happy Thanksgiving! :)