Resetting and learning to go back to basics

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I was a revision VSG from LapBand in 2013. I lost and kept off nearly 100 from my LapBand. Then it slipped and was removed.... I had nearly a year of waiting and being denied for revision until I was nearly back up 60 pounds. The sleeve has not given me the restriction I wanted, but truthfully I was not compliant and not ready to take responsibility for my actions until just the last month. By applying the basic rules for a sleeve (and getting off my butt) I have dropped 15 pounds and feeling very positive. I use my blog ( sort of as a journal for my journey and other non weight related stuff. I log my food and exercise daily and looking for friends to share similar experiences. I strongly believe that my failure with the VSG was not reaching out for support earlier.



  • Robin628
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    Hi Aimz - I'm in the same boat. Had the Lap band from 2007-2011 and lost 80 pounds but had to have it removed due to erosion. By the time I healed insurance wouldn't cover a revision. I changed jobs and tried again, denied. I got depressed and slowly regained all the weight. Finally Dec 2015 I bit the bullet and self-paid for VSG. I've lost half the weight I need to lose but stalled after six months, by my own doing, all the reasons you mention above. I'm having a helluva time getting back on track so I'm back on MFP!
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    I am not a revision but had VSG 10/27/14 and feel myself slipping into old patterns, emotional eating, not exercising, tired all the time. Let's support each other in this journey!