I put stevia in a lot of foods i eat... oatmeal, yogurt, shakes, but ever since becoming pregnant I can't tolerate it's taste. It has become sooooo bitter I just gag the minute it touches my mouth. Stevia never used to taste like this to me. I don't exactly know what I'm looking for by posting this, essentially it just comes down to the fact i have to eat my food plain now, oh well.


  • sardelsa
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    Bleck I don't like stevia very much pregnant or not, it has such a strong aftertaste!

    You could try just a bit of regular sugar, maple syrup, honey... or adding sweet fruits. Why not add some banana to your shake? I use some of my baby's purees in oatmeal - bananas, pears, apples... they really help sweeten it up if you don't want to add actual cane sugar or syrups.
  • steph2strong
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I never thought of baby purees! A little bit of maple syrup is working out well in the oatmeal. I honestly can't get over how bitter the stevia tastes, it's horrible. I'm also finding it hard to stomach artificial sweeteners that are in my protein bars and protein powder, and gum, so I'm not eating those on bad days. Just whole foods for me now.