Core De Force?

For those who have it / finished it, what was your opinion? I plan on spending my birthday / christmas money on it.


  • Misspinklift
    Misspinklift Posts: 384 Member
    I tired it. I am actually done with the program but decided to finished the week with it. It works the core a lot. However, if your like me and fit already you won't see major results. I did see some but not a huge one. It is fun too.
  • teddyrichards
    teddyrichards Posts: 12 Member
    Fun but how many calories does it burn on a 240 guy?
  • TrystanCamp
    TrystanCamp Posts: 10 Member
    If you go online and google Core de Force calories burned it should tell you how many calories you burn by a certain weight and you can find a calorie burn calculator as well online. I do Core de Force as a supplemental workout. More for cardio and then do P90X for the rest. I have used P90X for at least 8 years and it will always be a part of my routine. It has been the only one that has given me real results.
  • Misspinklift
    Misspinklift Posts: 384 Member
    If any of you have a fitness tracker, this will a great way to find out how much calories are being burn. Everyone burns calories differently. There isn't a exact number.

    Things to consider:
    And muscle mass.

    I have Fitness friend on here that have used this program. Some burn more in this program and some less.

    Another thing to consider:

    If your over weight you will burn more calories than a fit person.
  • rwilley35
    rwilley35 Posts: 25 Member
    On average I burn between 450 and 700 calories per exercise. For instance the plyo workout i did yesterday burned 641 calories in 50 minutes. It's a fun workout and I enjoy it over some dance routine workout. In the first round I burned 10 lbs of fat off. On day 19 of second round I'm down another 2lbs. So the more you have to loose that faster it will burn. Next round will be the Masters and hammer to build muscle and burn fat through muscle gains.
  • srj628412
    srj628412 Posts: 2 Member
    I loved Core De Force! Planning to restart it on Monday.
  • Misspinklift
    Misspinklift Posts: 384 Member
    It is a awesome program. I never saw major results. But that's bc I was fit already. I love the moves.