I'm baaaaack!

amgreenwell Posts: 1,268 Member
Ten weeks as of yesterday! Second little one due June 28th. I'm so excited but being pregnant and having an 8 month old is rough. I've had a lot of fatigue and nausea this time around (that I didn't have my first time) my poor husband is having to really step up and do a lot for me and baby. He is overjoyed to do it, thank God!
I'm glad to be back and hope we can motivate each other through the next few months.


  • babypunkprincess
    babypunkprincess Posts: 109 Member
    Congrats! By my calculations I'll be due June 24. I'll find out for sure on the 13th. But I have a 5 month old who was born June 28 :open_mouth: it is tough! I'm excited to have two babies so close together
  • steph2strong
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    Hi, I'm due July 30th. I have an 11 month old (born Dec. 30th). I had horrible symptoms first trimester last time, this time I haven't had too many, but it's still early. My symptoms really kicked in at 7 weeks last time. I have my first ultrasound next Friday, can't wait.
  • VeryKatie
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    I'm due June 14! It's my first though so I don't have to learn how to handle a baby and a pregnancy at the same time just yet.
  • Hurricane_C
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    I'm due June 16th with #2. I always rolled my eyes at those people who said "enjoy the rest this time around" and all that crap... but man... being pregnant with a toddler is HARD! I was exhausted before I got pregnant... now its just awful. I'm in bed at 9 when I'm trying to get the LO to sleep... and naptime on the weekends? HA! That's about when my 1 pathetic cup of coffee has kicked in....