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Week 39 Daily Check-in (Dec 26-Jan1/17)

maureli Posts: 722 Member
edited December 2016 in Social Groups
Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!

Well, I have pretty much let go for the past few today I am logging and trying to eat right. I have done a workout and just had lunch which consisted of a stir-fry like dish with broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and turkey breast. Topped with a bit of cheese. Sound kinda weird but it is surprisingly good. I am so tired of salads, I have been eating them eveyday for lunch for a long time. So this is kind of the same but different. lol

The trip to the airport went was no problem getting there but by the time we had to come home the bad weather had started. We drove in snow, freezing rain and rain. Stayed on the road though! lol passed a bad accident too, which of course made me nervous but more careful. We got home around 11:30pm.

Had a birthday dinner for my son on Friday night (lasagne) and then yesterday I had a turkey dinner at my place for 8, then to my in-laws for another turkey dinner last night. Phew. I am ready to drink water! haha

Hope you're all doing ok.


  • Kerryatoon
    Kerryatoon Posts: 374 Member
    Hello Ladies!
    I had a great holiday.. and still managed to lose my 2lb/week! YAY! I stayed on my calorie target and kept my water intake up. I didn't completely nail my macros but my goal for the few days of Christmas holiday were to just keep my calories under control. I still got in my workouts and am already seeing consistent gains at the gym. Back at work today.. feeling a little sore from last night's workout. I am working on shoulder stabilization exercises at the gym to try to prevent the shoulder injury that took me out of the gym for a couple months last time. So far it has been doing good.

    Looking forward to continuing my progress and so happy this group is still here. Thank you @maureli for continuing to keep the weekly posts updated.

    So here are my weigh-ins for the last 3 weeks:
    12/14 : 170 lb
    12/21 : 168 lb
    12/28 : 166 lb

    My workout last night.. It felt great!
    Walk/Jog Treadmill: 1 mile (15 min mile)
    Squats: 5x5 95lb
    Bench: 5x5 60lb
    BB Row: 5x5 40lb
    (Accessory Lifts)
    Rear Delt Machine: 3x10 25lbs
    Internal Rotation Shoulder Pulley weight: 2x8 10lbs
    External Rotation Shoulder Pulley weight: 2x8 10lbs
    Face Pulls: 3x10 50lbs
    Stair Climber:
    10 mins
    25 floors

    Hope you're all having a great week! I'll be checking in later too! :)
  • Kerryatoon
    Kerryatoon Posts: 374 Member
    Good morning! I ate on point yesterday.. enjoyed some panda express for dinner and a date.. so that was yummy. I didn't quite reach my protein goal but I was happy with my calories. I met my water goals and went to bed sore from my last workout. Meeting a friend tonight to do some recovery work and looking forward to helping her. I'm going to do a BodyShred HIIT video tonight so I can get a workout in without going to the gym. Tomorrow is gym day!!! Im actually getting used to it again and finding myself wanting to go and get in a good workout. I did updated measurements yesterday and have lost a total of 1.5 inches from my hips and .75 inch from my thigh!! Down on my upper arm and waist as well just not as drastic. Because I'm lifting I find the measurements more satisfying and positive than the weight tracking at this point.

    Also I'm celebrating 206 days smoke free today!!! That's huge for me :)

    Well I hope you all have a good day! It's pretty quite around here.. now that I'm back everyone else is gone! lol! Well I'll be back to post my workout update tomorrow!

    XOXOX! Kerry
  • AZLisaLou
    AZLisaLou Posts: 240 Member
    @kerryatoon I'm so excited for you on being successfully smoke free! I quit a few years ago, and it has been amazing. congrats on the inches lost--that's really exciting too!

    I'm just skating by right now. I'm not really in the game. I come here everyday and read what all of you have to say, but I haven't been putting in any effort for myself. After the new year comes and the snacks, cookies, and candies are all gone I'm going to re-focus. My biggest challenge always has been and continues to be soda. I'm a complete addict. Today I was madly craving a salad. lol But I had none of the ingredients. I'll get salad supplies this weekend on my next shopping trip. Will be a good start for my re-focus.
  • Kerryatoon
    Kerryatoon Posts: 374 Member
    edited December 2016
    @AZLisaLou glad to hear from you! I understand it's a sweet time of year.. makes losing though. But you are still here and still posting. I'm curious since soda is clearly a problem for you but you have already quit smoking.. is it possible that you could take the same approach with the soda you did with the smoking? Just refuse to drink a soda, one day at a time. I have almost completely eliminated sugary sodas (I may have 2 servings a month) but when I'm really craving something fuzzy and sweet I have started drinking these zero calorie flavored, carbonated waters. Ice is the brand.. and the flavors are delicious! Maybe just try replacing all but one soda per day with water or these zero cal refreshments. I feel you.. I love soda but I found I would rather EAT my calories than drink them. I believe you can do it!

    I joined a challenge for January called Kill the Fat and I'll be weighing in weekly and working in teams. I've never really done these challenges before but I'm up for giving it a shot. :)

    Well have a good night ladies!
  • AZLisaLou
    AZLisaLou Posts: 240 Member
    Happy New Year! Hope everyone is home safe and had a great time last night. I was in bed at 8:30. lol