New gen!

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So many adorable new pokemon have been released. Must...catch...more....


  • SusanMFindlay
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    edited February 2017
    Yes! So many cute new critters! And new Eevee evolutions!

    They need to nerf the Blisseys, though, if they want the gyms to actually start turning over again. Timed out fights are NOT FUN, and all the gyms on campus get "stuck" with 2-3 high level Blisseys (A crowd of friends could turn it over, but they immediately replace the Blisseys with their own, and the game isn't supposed to be impossible for solo players.) This wouldn't have been so bad if the Chanseys hadn't been all over the place for the Valentine's promo.
  • Naruya
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    Johto was the first gen I ever played (Pokemon Silver, yay) so I couldn't resist starting the game back up to catch 'em. I do wonder if they have anything planned for the first gen legendaries though. There was a lot of speculation but nothing happened in the end.
  • megzchica23
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    I got pretty lucky so many of the new ones spawned in my yard, so I got a lot of the new ones as soon as it released.
  • LunariusHaberdash
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    Absolutely having a great time with this, just started getting back into it heavily.