Groan. Back again, and again, and again

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Whenever I think I am going to get back in the game, life throws another curveball!
But here I am again, trying to start back at SL.
Tomorrow is my first day back. I am cutting way back to the bar and going back to pure 5x5. maybe throw some pull up stuff in there again, because I loved being able to do those.
DH might join me, but we can't always work out together, as our other activities are on opposite days for childcare reasons, but I hope we can at least get our weekend work out in together. I am really disappointed in how much I have fallen back behind. I have gained a bunch of weight back and my strength has plummeted. I am hoping it won't take as long to make progress as when I started the first time. At least I shouldn't have as many problems with my form!


  • amyinthetardis1231
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    I bet your strength comes back quickly if you've done this before. And you'll get to re-experience the noob gainz!
  • canadianlbs
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    \o/ well speaking personally and selfishly, i love all the 'old' people coming back.
  • annaskiski
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    Honestly, I restart often.

    I do Stronglifts for its 12 weeks (was originally a 12 week program), then go do some of my old FIRM strength training videos for a change. After I want to switch it up again I come back to Stronglifts and start usually with just the bar. (it ramps fast, so I'm at my previous max weight pretty quickly, and honestly I usually blow through my last PR).

    I mostly notice changes in my body when I'm switching from one program to the other, so I feel the change is good.

    I'm not looking to be a powerlifter, just wanting to be healthy and preserve muscle.
  • IzzyBooNZ1
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    hey ! I am starting again as well. Going to start up my food diary as well. I started a while ago but then stopped. Can't remember why

    Anyway monday I have started again. Last few weeks I was doing some kind of weights but I was starting to overwhelm myself with figuring out what to do each day and what muscle group to work. It was stressing me out & giving me a bit of anxiety tbh. This is why stronglifts appeals to me cos it is basic. I like basic.

    I used to do thai boxing classes as my cardio but I have cut back on that a lot. I might go 1 -2 times per week currently. Kinda lost a bit of interest, plus a lot of the people I knew have left, so that also took a bit of fun out of it. No buddies to pair up with. Plus I'm starting to get tired of walking there from work ( 30 mins ) then having to bus home so I am not often home til 7pm.
    Also I recently adopted a dog from the shelter I need time training and exercising her.
    I may stop going altogether actually.

    lol sorry I am very tired today and just need to vent.
  • NadiaMayl
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    Who else is starting up again?!? Mmmeeee.... ok, I don't know if it counts, since I never really started (at least not with SL). I joined MFP last year (seriously logged and used all its benefits). I lost about 20lbs with logging and exercising (spinning, Barbell, and my own attempt at lifting weights). I fell off the wagon towards the end of last year, but I've managed to maintain, which for me, it's huge! I achieved my initial weight loss goal and kept it! Now I wanna go for a new goal, 5-10lbs and feeling strong!
    I've been eagerly wanted to start SL, but I haven't been able to get through the intimidation of getting one of the cages at the gym and just do it... I walk around there, I pretend to be texting, I observe some of the peeps doing it, and then I walk away... sigh.....
    so, I'm challenging myself to just do it! I'm reading up on as much as I can and watching form videos, so I don't feel so silly when I go up there.... but still.... bbbaaahhhh....
    So, here is to new beginnings! :smile:
  • lovtolaff
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    I too start, stop, start, stop...I'm vacationing out west right now and am gearing up to get back to SL on my return home this weekend.