Slim in 6

crowesnest16 Posts: 58 Member
Anyone else there doing Slim in 6? Waiting for mine to arrive today and looking forward to seeing the results!

Would be happy to for anyone to add me to support each other, thanks, K


  • Hi, how did you do with your slim in 6? I am about to wipe off the dust on mine.... want to give it another go? we can be support buddies!:flowerforyou:
  • I started Slim in 6 this week, just finished Day 5 this morning. It is getting easier.
  • Keh3338
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    Howdy! I did the first half of slim-in-6 before I started my new job. I was diligent about tracking my calories and working out. It was very productive - I shrank and noticed a big difference in the shape my body was taking.

    Unfortunately, my job is very stressful, and the effect of a year and a half of that is showing. I'm starting back up by joining Emeals (clean eating) and getting back to Slim in 6. My plan is to complete Slim in 6 and then go to either Insanity or P90X.

    I just realized that if I start TODAY, which is Friday for me, then I will be done right in time for Halloween :)

    I would love to see a Facebook challenge group or something similar. Anyone else interested?
  • sadiebug67
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    Hi, Everyone! Anyone still doing Slim in 6? I started (for the second time in 10 years!) in April and did the 6 weeks...HUGE difference in measurements...especially once I started Burn it Up...but not so much difference in weight. I assume that was because I was toning muscle. I stopped in July and want to start again...anyone doing it now? I'd be happy to be buddies :)
  • Healthymom_5
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    I am currently on Burn it Up. Seeing great toning results; not many pounds yet.
    Another MFP friend and I keep one another accountable. Anyone still doing it?
    I have several of the Slim Series ( the follow up workouts to Sin6) and will start those pretty soon.
  • Just finished my slim in 6 rotation this past weekend. Loved it(although got a tad repetitive at the end). I dropped 7 lbs, and about an inch off most measurement spots.

    I'm in the UK and haven't been able to find her other DVDs unfortunately. May do another rotation in a few weeks. Such a good all around exercise. Good luck to those just starting!
  • Keh3338
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    I have three weeks to go on S in 6. Not seeing much weight loss on this go-round; I saw more in the past. Ah, how age catches up to you. But it is a great toning/shaping workout. Where the weight isn't disappearing, the body is reshaping. Let me know if you want to keep each other accountable!
  • Keh3338
    Keh3338 Posts: 5 Member
    Made it more or less through BURN IT UP today!!!! Last time I did the program, I didn't even come close to managing that! In hindsight, I think it's because the eating plan they put with the program doesn't give you enough carbs. Doing much better now that I have more of them in my diet.
  • tawnycat
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    Hi! Just did slim my 4th day of Slim in 6 Start it up. Getting better! Noticing a difference already :)
  • kimmy6779
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    I'm starting slim in 6 tomorrow, 12/30/13. Anyone else??
  • Kimmy6779- I started slim in 6 12/30/2013........we can be buddies! and I just started myfitnesspal too
  • kimmy6779
    kimmy6779 Posts: 21 Member
    Kimmy6779- I started slim in 6 12/30/2013........we can be buddies! and I just started myfitnesspal too

    awesome!! im probably going to be doing start it up for at least a week or two..... where are you at? are you on the first one?