hello fello lady giants (:

sierra_12 Posts: 249 Member
Hi guys! My name is Sierra, and I am looking to add some more tall ladies to my friends list!

I'm tired of most of my friends being under 5'8'' and complaining about how "big" they are when I'm over here thinking "Psh, I WISH I was a size 6 and 130 pounds!"

I am almost 6' 1'', I started at 260 pounds last July, and as of last Friday I am 190 pounds (:

My goal weight, as of now, is 180, but if I reach that and want to go further, I will (: 70 pounds down, and only 10 from my goal weight! (:

My profile is full of pictures, but heres a couple more if you would like to see.
Anyone feel free to add me! (:





  • Jesseca118
    Jesseca118 Posts: 26
    Hi Im almost 6'1 as well. Congratulations on your success so far! you look great
  • urasweethart
    urasweethart Posts: 123 Member
    wow you look amazing in all your photos congratulations on your loss. how did you lose the weight?
  • kateauch
    kateauch Posts: 195 Member
    Hi!! I saw your post in success stories the other day and you're an inspiration!

    I'm 5'11" and my goal weight is 175, right now I'm at 240.

    How long did it take you to get down to where you're at now? What did you do?
  • kaperlinger
    kaperlinger Posts: 66 Member
    Great work Sierra. I'm a fellow Nebraskan....but not as tall of a NE girl as you. I'm 27 now and looking back on my teen years I definitely had some body image issues. It's good that you recognize that you're tall and your body will never look like that of your short friends. When I was your age I thought I was big because I weighed more than them and wore different sizes than they did. I lost just shy of 30 lbs over the last 10 months. I'm trying to retrain my brain now to not be focused on the number. Our 180 can look entirely different than someone elses. Keep up the good work....you're doing amazing!
  • jaxbeck
    jaxbeck Posts: 537 Member
    We have very similar goals & body styles. I'm 6'1 & 202 right now./ First Goal weight is 170
  • gabijadc
    gabijadc Posts: 90 Member
    6ft here :) You look AMAZING! I'm at around 175lbs (don't have a scale right now...), goal weight 155lbs,.