Postpartum joint pain

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Hi everyone, I am 10 months postpartum, I breastfeed until 9 1/2 months and from about 4 months on I started to experience joint pain, first ankles and now all hips, knees, wrists....I was at the doctor and she gave ibuprofen and said it's going to pass as it is quite normal after pregnancy, but I am really stiff and uncomfortable. I can hardly go on the floor on my knees and jogging leaves me in more pain.
Is there anyone else that has the same problem? Do you have a solution for it? How long did it last? Thanks


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    Poor you. I've had a sore back and was also just told to take ibuprofen. Maybe get a second opinion if you're worried about it. It's annoying when we're just told it's common. Did they have any idea how long it might last? Good luck!
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    Um same here!!! Mine knee swells up in increments. It is good for 6 days and swells up for 4 days. I can time mine. My doctor thinks it is hormones. I did this with my last baby but it went away. I'm not sure if it went away because I got pregnant again or started weaning.