Low Platelets?

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Putting feelers out there to see if anyone else either has or had low platelet count during their pregnancy? Everything else has been totally normal (BP, weight, no swelling, etc), but my platelet count last month was 104 and this month was retested and was 100. My doctor is recommending me for a high risk OB, and I was curious if anyone else has or had this issue?

Some googling tells me it's normal enough, but could be a sign of something bigger (thus the high risk OB). And if they stay low I may not be able to get an epidural (gulp).


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    I have a low RBC count, but I think platelets have been normal. For me though, that is my baseline, I have been slightly low for years, but they are more concerned now that I am pregnant.

    Since platelets are how your blood clots, it makes sense to put you high risk. They would need to monitor you and make sure you clot sufficiently after the placenta detaches during delivery. Since you are later in your pregnancy it is probably just a result of you body having produced more blood, but not quite enough platelets. I imagine they are going to keep checking your levels to see if you are able to catch back up? Keep in mind, while it is a concern, they can transfuse platelets, so try not to lose too much sleep over it. It should be something they can fix if need be.
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    Thanks for the helpful words! I'm still waiting to hear from the high risk OB (of course it takes a while to hear back when you are slightly nervous!)

    Yes, the plan is to continually monitor my levels. I'm sincerely hoping it stays at or above 100 since that is more of a "normal" low platelet count. I have heard other people say a transfusion may be an option, however that is only in the event of an induction since otherwise they likely won't do it once labor starts.
  • they will probably monitor your levels to see if you drop. it's not terribly low though.
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    Just as an update: they actually kept dropping, reaching a low of 84. The high risk OB told me that unless they got to the 70's she wasn't going to worry.

    I was also told to prepare for an epidural free delivery, but somehow the day I went into labor they were at 99 and the anesthesiologist let me get one even though their cutoff is usually 100!

    I ended up needing some extra drugs to help with clotting for my emergency c section and was given pitocin after delivery for a full 24 to avoid any bleeding issues, but very glad everything turned out okay.

    Post delivery I was at 76 so there was a lot of extra monitoring and blood draws at the hospital in addition to lots of blood pressure checks. Luckily for me everything went well enough and my count upon discharge was the low 90's.