"By Christmas And/Or Dec 31" - make your old-year resolutions right here!

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i don't make new year resolutions, but i seem to like setting end-of-year goals at around this time of year.

so i gave myself a whole 24 hours to think about how yesterdays' first 60lb press workout went, and i have enough faith in how that felt (plus hepburn) to throw my hat into the ring.

by christmas, or at the latest dec 31: 70 pound overhead press, at least for one triple. and strict.

that's mine. anyone want to be next?


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    135 lb squats for 5x5
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    I’d love to be back in my size 12s
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    okay, keep things simple Mel. Keep things simple...

    200lbs squat single
    135lbs clean (maybe with a jerk in there too if I can attempt it, hehe)
    100 OHP for 2+ reps

    all that with getting down to at least 195lbs so I'm within reach of my Healthy wager goal (191.4 by Januray 28th)... That's about 8lbs to lose and I've been averaging like 1.5 a month, so it's quite a hefty goal to shoot for. But I'll take what I can get.

    Oh, and not eff up my shoulder or lower back in the process, obviously.
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    Strange... I was actually having similar thoughts (before jan1 goal) tonight in the shower, and I hadn't even seen this yet. I have a tendency to have too many goals going at once. So, let's consider these in order of priority/desire, not necessarily probability.

    Bench - big kid plates (135) this week, this one is seeming very unlikely. But damnit I want it.

    Get back to, and stay, under 175. I had really wanted to get to a "healthy" bmi this year, and I got within a couple of pounds. But the no running thing really didn't help that. And I'm still working on figuring out how to fuel for trainer days, and to not end up with that spiny head, but not over fuel for weigh the loss. So, I'm 4-7lbs from that 175 number currently.

    Deadlift-2 big kid plates! (225)

    Squat - I hate these, and don't really care to have a goal, but for the sake of being out of my comfort zone, let's say 135 here as well.

    I also have some OHP and split squat goals floating in my head- but, the OHP hasn't been a focus really lately, and the split squat thing is more as an indicator of ankle rehab than strength purposes.
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    Simple goal, but tricky for me apparently..
    Consistency! Tracking calories and lifting 3x per week. I’ll think about figures later :)
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    hanlonsk wrote: »

    Bench - big kid plates (135)

    Get back to, and stay, under 175.

    Deadlift-2 big kid plates! (225)

    Squat - I hate these, and don't really care to have a goal, but for the sake of being out of my comfort zone, let's say 135 here as well.

    Well.... one goal down!! I apparently didn't set that one high enough.
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    :) that saga was so neat to read. you're totally tearing it up since that trainer lucked into you for a client.
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    :) that saga was so neat to read. you're totally tearing it up since that trainer lucked into you for a client.

    Oh, I know!!! I don't even know why I went to check out the gym in the first place, as I kinda already had one. And have had to manipulate the budget abit to keep using him. But it has been the single best decision I have ever made for my lifting. It has done SOOOO much for form, and overall knowledge and confidence it has been such an excellent experience.

    I've tried trainers in the past with mixed to lousy results.
    Like, me: "hi, I'd like to work with you for a bit to check form on and improve on these barbell based lifts. I like to lift heavy."
    Trainer: "Ok, sounds good." *proceeds to work on machines, hand me 10lb and under dumbbells, and occasionally point me towards a smith machine and avoids a barbell entirely*
    I usually put up with that for 2-3 sessions as I think well maybe we are trying to get a baseline or some weirdness. And then I get mad and go back to my own thing. I have had ONE other trainer even listen enough we played with barbells.... but form was not at all his thing. He was all for lifting heavy, but we still weren't listening to my goals as form wasn't ever talked about and I know it wasn't always perfect... he was all about weight increasing, but it wasn't the whole package.

    Which, this is getting long and ramble-y, and this isn't really the purpose of this thread, but since I know we have newbies lurking and reading like I used to, I'm going to go there... and hopefully in a way that makes sense.

    Remember if you are paying a trainer- they are working FOR you. If they are not listening to your goals, or keeping your safety as priority number 1, stop employing them. It doesn't matter if your goals involve treadmills and 5lb weights, or if your goal involves barbells and big kid plates, or if your goal involves atlas stones and pulling trucks- find someone who listens to and works with your goals. Most of us don't have the room in the budget for something that just adds frustration. As I have recently learned, a good trainer will push you outside your comfort zone, and that zone does sometimes hurt... but muscle burn hurt and bad pain hurt are different. You won't always like what you are doing, but it should be in line with your goals. Or relate to the goals. They should value form as a priority, be able to explain WHY a form tweak is important to safety/strength/muscle recruitment/injury prevention. And not just try and turn their form into your form- people don't work the same and aren't built the same.
    They should be able to discern when to push you vs when to scrap the plan and work within that days limitations. If they have such a cookie cutter plan, that it can't adjust up or down for your outside world influencers like - food, stress, sleep, time of day, injury, etc - then it may be a sign that they aren't a good fit.

    That may be what caught my attention about this one. The knowledge required to both notice enough and be flexible enough. Some days we follow the plan, sometimes we scrap the plan and go for huge PRs because things are just clicking, sometimes we scrap the plan and cut to half of the working weight, because things just aren't working at all. But also knows that sometimes the issue is simply that I don't have the belief that something is possible and I just need the "don't think about it, just f'n do it" treatment.

    K, I will hand the soapbox back now.
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    Great goal thread! Mine is to get my squat to 125lb. I have great numbers for my other lifts, but squat suffers after so many little things have sidelined me.