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  • WhineThyme
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    Wednesday, Feb 28
    Exercise: Yes (20 minutes of stepping and walking)
    Calories: Yes
    Tracking: Yes

    I got to the end of the day and realized I hadn't exercised. It's the last day of the month and I really wanted to finish the month with 3 last yeses. So I pulled out a step thing I've had for years (but never actually use), put something on TV and stepped, walked, did some squats... for 20 minutes. It may not be much, but without this challenge, it's 20 minutes of exercise that would not have happened for me today. :)
  • victorious55
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    February 27, 2018

    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes,
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes

    "drop by drop the bucket gets full" Yeah!!! February is done.....
    I am not in the winner's circle. But I am so glad I stuck to the end of this month. I did it. PTL! :)
  • lcollaro
    lcollaro Posts: 35 Member
    Last day of the month and Yes to all three today. I skipped the gym workout and opted for a walk with friends instead and enjoyed a brief spring like day before snow makes another appearance this week.

    I'm so glad I joined this group. It helped me stay on track and I needed this to get me motivated after not taking care of myself the last couple of years. I've been logging in every day and MFP has become part of my routine (again).

    February has been quite grey, I hope March will bring much needed sunshine and get rid of the winter blues.

    Well done everyone!
  • pears734
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    Exercise? Yes; a 35 minute hike
    Calories? Yes
    Tracking? Yes
  • MzRuthy
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    @craigo3154 Such sad news concerning Mouse.

    Yes to 3x. 30 min bike.
  • loopydo2017
    loopydo2017 Posts: 628 Member
    Sorry to hear about Mouse @craigo3154
    Congrats to all who made it to the end of the month!
    Yes x3 today. Upper body strength and some walking.
    See you in March!
  • LoraineGB
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    @craigo3154 So sorry to hear about Mouse, that’s a beautiful photo you posted of him. I’m sorry you are out of town and couldn’t be with the rest of your family. Sending hugs to you and your family

    3 xYes today
  • w8goal4life
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    Date: 2/28
    Exercised?: Yes - 30 minute walk outside before the rain showers started.
    Tracked?: Yes
    Calories?: Absolutely NOT within limit. This was an intended pass day. It was intended to be a so-called "reward" for diligence and perseverance, but didn't resonate as a reward at all. I learned the extra calories I consumed today would be sufficient to put me back where I started if I continued the same regimen every day for the next 5 weeks! I also did not like seeing those "red" stats when I completed my day (that was a first). The positive "take away" is definitely...I do not want a repeat performance "reward" in the future. I'm not sure the waffle, donuts, pizza, wine and snacks were worth it. I think healthier choices would have tasted much better with less sense of defeat. Thank goodness this is the end of the month and tomorrow is a "new" day AND a "new" month!

    On another note... I have pre-packaged all of my porridge (it has been my go to breakfast since 2011 - combination of oatmeal, flaxmeal, raisins, nuts and cinnamon) for the next 2 weeks which I can heat in our portable 12 volt oven on our vamper trip while we are away. I told you we are "rednecks!"

    Hugs to ALL for a great month in March!
  • qwertycat1
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    Last day of February = yes x3!
  • nefariousjedi
    nefariousjedi Posts: 52 Member
    @craigo3154 so sorry for your loss. Pet companions are family members, devastating to lose them
  • drea2011
    drea2011 Posts: 874 Member
    I’m so sorry Craig! Hugs to you and your family...
    craigo3154 wrote: »
    February 28
    Exercised?: Yes. Walk 6km in 60 mins (various walks in Adelaide throughout the day).
    Calories?: Yes
    Tracked?: Yes

    Interstate so doing best I can.

    Distressed call from home. Our 13yo bengal cat (named "Mouse") had the equivalent of a stroke and needed to be taken to the vet. Sudden blindness, high blood pressure, inability to sdand or balance, suspected bleeding on the brain. Had to make the heart-wrenching decision to have him put to sleep. No guarantees that intensive medical intervention would restore his eyesight, or even get him back to health.

    Because I was interstate for work, did not have a chance to say goodbye, or be there to comfort my wife and daughter.

    I'm sure our other cat (3yo female called "Fi"), will also miss him.

    Home will not be the same when I get there tomorrow evening.

    I miss him already.


    Will post monthly wrap-up and goals tomorrow. Can't seem to do it at the moment.

  • drea2011
    drea2011 Posts: 874 Member
    Hey! I’m missing from the winners circle! :#

    I can’t believe that we are done with February!! Helllooo March!!

    Exercised: yes ( night workouts are killing me!)
    Tracked: yep
    Under: yep

    Good luck to all in March!

  • w8goal4life
    w8goal4life Posts: 1,375 Member
    drea2011 wrote: »
    Hey! I’m missing from the winners circle! :#
    I can’t believe that we are done with February!! Helllooo March!!
    @drea2011 Congrats to you on your February achievement! Nice that many will be continuing with UAC for the March challenge. I'll be in and out for the month of March...hopefully participating for the full months of April and May...and then in and out, again, for the months of June and July. Hang in there! ;)
  • craigo3154
    craigo3154 Posts: 2,572 Member
    Dearest Craig,
    My condolences for the loss of your beloved family member-cat, with the incongruous name, Mouse. I love my animals and feel your pain.

    @RangerRickL. When Mouse was born, my wife had pictures of him sent from the breeder. He was the runt of the litter (a genetic mini and no good for breeding or showing). In the photos he looked like a little mouse in size and color (which is where the name came from).

    Mini bengals rarely survive, but my wife was determined to have him if he did (he was no good for selling). The breeder hand reared him and when only a few week old, was flown as a tiny kitten from the breeder in Perth to Melbourne (equivalent of LA to New York).

    His full bred name was Chaos Anonamouse.

    Bengals remain kitten like for about 7 years and don't usually get along well with other non-bengal cats. Fortunately our other cat was VERY smart (for a cat) and she managed to work an uneasy truce with the rambunctious newcomer. They seldom fought and Mouse was definitely the "beta" cat in the household while she was around.

    Talking about him helps me. Thanks for listening.

    Thank you too to all that posted messages of sympathy. It is greatly appreciated.
  • Ceceev
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    @craigo3154 so sorry about your fur baby! They are family members and I am so sorry for your loss. I have two cats who are going on 18 and 14 and watching them a ge is always heart wrenching.

    Exercise? Yes,. Ran like a maniac doing sprints....
    Tracked food> yes
    Ate what I tracked? yes.
  • amichelel588
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    @craigo3154 I’m so sad to hear about Mouse. I hurt for you. Losing a pet - part of the family - is so hard. Wishing you a safe and fast trip home ❤️
  • amichelel588
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    edited March 2018
    Had pass days the last couple days as I was not feeling well and my almost 4-month old is teething, 2 little teeth popping up from the bottom! Those 2 tiny things have caused us all a lot of grief! :)
    But back to it today, yes x3 with 30 minutes weights and rowing machine! Ready for March, winner’s circle I’m coming for ya next month!
  • molly3210
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    Finished February with three yesses!
  • molly3210
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    @craigo3154 So sorry to hear about Mouse, it's just awful to loose our special furry buddies. After reading about all you guys did to make sure he survived as a kitten, I'm sure there was no better life he could have had than with your family! Take care.