Hello, is anybody here?

DLove9321 Posts: 67 Member
Hi, I just joined this Milwaukee Wisconsin group it looks like a bunch of cobwebs and dust no activity for some time...... Is there anyone out there!??????? :smile:


  • RockinTerri
    RockinTerri Posts: 499 Member
    I'm here! I'm not as active in the groups as I once was, but I'm still around.
  • fatguy_fitness
    fatguy_fitness Posts: 195 Member
    I don't check on the groups all that often.
  • That_Hiker_Chick
    That_Hiker_Chick Posts: 4 Member
    I'm here. I too saw this group when I joined MFP back in January. Definitely full of cobwebs though, which was disappointing.