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Welcome to UAC June 2018!

Some of you have been with this challenge for months and some are brand new. This is one of the hardest challenges to stay with throughout the entire month. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!! Log every BLT (Bite, Lick, Taste). Stay strong and true to yourself....YOU WILL SUCCEED!!

Please feel free to share as much information as you feel comfortable sharing about yourself with the rest of the group. I look forward to getting to know all of you a little better. GOOD LUCK!


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    Thanks for opening up the June group! This will be my fifth month with UAC... At first it seemed so daunting to challenge myself this way, like if be to restricted. Now it's second nature, and it's really changed the way I approach every day.

    The biggest change for me since joining is that I'm much more consistent.Weekends used to be a free for all that would derail Mon-Fri. This has also helped me slowly break through a plateau that has lasted since last autumn.

    Happy to join for June! I probably won't post until past June 9, I will be out of the country and I don't really know if my phone will work! I know I won't be making the winners circle this month, but I still love the accountability and will be working hard to stay on track once I'm home.
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    Hi. I'm new to this challenge but I like the design as it doesn't force me to do certain tasks. I am good at the getting exercise in, but need to focus on jiu jitsu and related cross training as i have a competition coming up. Which is were my challenge of not making the healthy food choices often enough becomes a problem. Although I have maintained at a healthy weight for two years, my fighting weight is still about 5 kgs lower. I need to drop for competition and want to maintain there as I really hate the pressure of weight cut when I am focusing on comp prep. Looking forward to this challenge and will be practicing for the last few days of the month...
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    My journey started December 2014. Lost 30 pounds. I have yo-yoed the next 10 pounds for almost 2 and a half years now. I have decided that I have no interest in further yo-yoing. My family is totally behind me now as I work to achieve my current goal weight by December of this year.

    For June, whether I am in the Winner's Circle or not, I am committing to posting daily for the Accountability Challenge.
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    New here. Excited for an active June. I have 30 pounds to lose and am hoping to get half way there by my 40th birthday on July 21.
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    New here!
    I have been doing so good on low carbing and I will attempt to maintain my diet until I reach my goal. I began this journey in 2011 and since then I have been up and down but today I weighed in at my lightest weight which has me very excited to see what June entails.
    Every year I set a goal to reach before my birthday. This year my goal which I have NEVER been able to reach, is to reach my 170s by my Birthday which is 6/18. I do have my vacation the week before so I'm a little nervous as to how I will do on my trip. I just purchased a travel scale to at least maintain as I'm away...
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    Hi I’m new to the challenge too. I’m getting married in September and still need to drop 2 dress sizes by then, approx 20lbs.

    I really need this challenge to keep me focused as I’ve hit a sticky patch after losing an initial 20lbs.

    Thanks Jo
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    Hi. I am new to the challenge. Don’t consistently log onto MFP - even though I know i need it to reach my weight loss goal. Hoping this challenge will assist me in doing that. And I have to learn to be honest, completely honest, about what I eat.
    I’m 53, 5’4”, 200 lb (as of today) with a goal weight of (140 at this time - might change it to a higher amount depending on how I feel when I reach certain weights), live in USA. My weight loss journey started June 2012 at 281 lbs. By September 2014 I lost 81 lbs. Been losing and gaining 14 lbs since then. Lowest I’ve been was 184 in May 2018 (yup this month) now back up to 200 lbs. I need to get off this crazy roller coaster and be consistent with a 1-2 lb gain or loss. Would like to reach goal by October 2018. Need to get out of my own way and do it.
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    My name is Marsha and I am new to this challenge. It's time to pull myself up by my bootstraps and get with it. This weight will not come off by itself. So today starts a new goal for me which is to either go to gym or go for a walk every day and work to get this weight off. I also am learning to say no when tempted with foods I know are not good for me. I have to do this for myself and no one can do it for me. Today is a brand new day. I would like to lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks and will be working hard to do this. I currently weigh 177 and would like to be in the 150's by the end of July.
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    I used to be very good with tracking long time ago. However i have slacked big time gained a lot of weight and been super depressed and sick physically. I am ready to be dedicated to track everday even if its not heathy choices. I am ready to start a new habit and possibly start dropping some of these unwanted pounds
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    Hi! New here as well. I have lost 16 lbs in the last 5 months and hoping June will be my bfavorite at month yet! Looking forward to getting to know all of you.
  • Dory_42
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    New here. Excited for an active June. I have 30 pounds to lose and am hoping to get half way there by my 40th birthday on July 21.

    Hey, we are nearly twins. I turn 40 one day before you...
  • Dory_42
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    Hi, im new here!
    This seems like a great initiative so im happy to join it. I have lost 21kg previously and im now going to bulk. As the bulking has gone much worse than my weightloss i feel like i need a little extra shove in the right direction, and i thought this challange was the perfect way to do it. Im also going to start my martial arts training again the 1st of june so it lines up perfectly^^

    Awesome, what martial art do you train? I'm a Brazilian Jui Jitsu blue belt. Hoping to add judo to my schedule in July.
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    Hello all. I’m new here. Always had the app but never participated in any challenges. I am ready to learn from everyone and develop some good habits. Need to lose 20 lbs which will require dedication and consistency so this group is perfect. Looking forward to the interactions.
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    New to the challenge. I have about 30 lbs to lose. My program of choice is Daily Burn - I've set my goal on there to exercise at least 3x/wk. I've recently fallen off the diet and exercise wagon, so I'm starting small to get back into the rhythm of things. I'm trying to eat healthier and I'm back up to eating at least two healthy meals a day (up from the at least one healthy meal a day).