Yay! I made it through cycle 1!

sun_fish Posts: 864 Member
Last Friday I finished my first cycle, and today started cycle 2. It sure was nice going back to 8 reps, even if the weights are heavier! I am really loving this workout, and am amazed at how strong I am feeling in such a short time. I went back to work today (I am a teacher) and got loads of compliments on my weight loss. Funny thing though - since everyone last saw me 7 weeks ago I have only lost 3 pounds, but lots of inches. When a couple people asked me how much I had lost they didn't believe me that it was only 3 pounds. Of course when asked how I am doing this miraculous transformation, eyes glaze over when I say a calorie deficit and resistance training. I'll take my way over a fad diet any day!