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Fitbit and MFP ~50ish calorie difference

beulah81beulah81 Posts: 28Member Member Posts: 28Member Member
I synced my Charge 3 with MFP. My activity level is lightly active. At the end of the day my calorie adjustment from MFP is regularly higher by about 50-60 calories than Fitbit. What calorie goal should I go by?


  • heybalesheybales Posts: 16,883Member Member Posts: 16,883Member Member
    Your guess from 4 rough levels - or a device that is actually on you seeing what you do.

    You can tweak one for better accuracy, not the other.

    They are all just estimates at which you'll likely have to provide adjustments after 1-2 months of tracking - but one is going to see your changes in effort and seasonal activity levels.

    One is still a guess from 4 rough levels no matter how life changes.
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