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Impact on my day

debrag12debrag12 Posts: 1,033Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,033Member, Premium Member
What does this all mean?


Why does a workout from say two days ago impact today's numbers? The + numbers are the workout for that day but the of xxx steps/calories are of the current day.

What is the point of this screen?


  • heybalesheybales Posts: 16,883Member Member Posts: 16,883Member Member
    So that would normally be the post-workout status screen as to how that workout affected your Totals for the day.

    I guess they got a bug where they either shouldn't show that after the fact days later, or access only that day's stats to say what it was.

    I frankly think it would be interesting to show there either what % of the day's goal are you at now with the workout done, or what amount of what amount.

    Like "387 of 1209 calories burned of 2400 goal (50%)"

    But you should report that issue on Fitbit forums under that device topics for them to comment or research.
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