What do you families and partners eat.

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It must be hard to live as a vegan with a carnivore.Cooking wise.
My husband has chicken or my vegan meals. Sometimes he will have gammon fish or beef
He does nt like cheese by eats other dairy.
We are in a pretty good routine and he is flexible. I make stews, casseroles, curries and sometimes add chicken to his but he often says they are nice without.
I am lucky I enjoy cooking and became vegan at a time when I do not work as much.
Being meat and dairy free is my easy is it but it becomes a way of life.
Annie :o


  • mandster
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    My husband eats meat, my daughter is vegetarian and my son is mostly vegetarian. Veganuary has been great - they have all tried to be mostly vegetarian and eating more vegan food. Husband said he's willing to eat mostly vegan at home plus some fish and everyone happy to stick with the switch to plant milks :-) This is a massive change, especially for my husband - the kids ate mostly veggie anyway. Hopefully it will continue....