Febuary 3rd weigh-in is here (post your pics) - No sweets and superfoods!!

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This week's challenge will be upping the veggies and cutting the sweets.

Check out the American Heart Associations guide for veggie servings and the top superfoods to eat!!

The Top 20 Superfoods

1. Collards, mustard greens, and turnip greens
2. Kale
3. Watercress
4. Bok choy
5. Cabbage (all varieties)
6. Spinach
7. Arugula
8. Lettuce (Boston, romaine, and green leaf)
9. Brussels sprouts
10. Carrots
11. Broccoli
12. Cauliflower
13. Bell peppers (red and green)
14. Mushrooms
15. Tomatoes
16. Berries (all varieties)
17. Pomegranates and cherries
18. Onions (and leeks, scallions, and garlic)
19. Beans (all varieties)
20. Seeds (flax, hemp, chia, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower)

The more high-nutrient food you consume, the less low-nutrient food you desire.



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    Down .4 - not a huge loss but still a loss.
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    204 this morning!!
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    Gain this week. Which I knew was coming I need to exercise constantly to lose weight 😭
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    Well shoot. Up 0.4lbs I think. Better work harder this week!!
  • shamrock14
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    I wish I coulda weighed in when I was down 2 pounds. Instead I'm up. I did have a good weekend at least.

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    I tried a new recipe today and logged the nutritional data by using this website which is great for homemade items. You simply type in the ingredients and wha-la - there you go.

    My veggie recipe for today -

    Par steamed a bag of brussel sprouts, mixed the sprouts with 3 TBSP of grated parm cheese, 1 TBSP olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Roasted at 425 until it's done like you like it and bam veggies in 15.

    Tomorrow, if I have time - it's smothered cabbage so that I can use up my left overs from homemade cole slaw from last week.
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    56.3 kg pgdevletm409.jpeg
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    I figured most of my gain last week was short term. I was so good last week for 5 days and then went crazy over the weekend.

    This week I was good on the weekend to make sure I beat my 2.3 lbs penalty.

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    February 3rd Weigh-in results

    Business:....Double check your results because I am human and blind by numbers.

    This week there will be 1:1 pairings for the competition. Here is who you will be matched up with:

    Aquarian vs. fourathomej
    Kikicooks vs. Marissa
    Shamrock vs. Elisa
    Fall2Rise vs. Nisijam5
    Moonflower vs. Savannah
    Debragoogins vs. Katelyn
    Chunkysloth vs. Vacamama (curious how this turns out)

    Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner….

    The Naughty Leprechauns were this week’s winners with a whopping 12.8 lb. weight loss for the team. They will receive 1 lb. advantage to add to their comfort zone next week.

    Rockstar status goes to…..Elisa. A 0.5 lb. advantage by being our biggest loser (I mean that in a nice way) with a 3.6 lb. loss. I don’t know what you did, but don’t stop!!

    Boo, our eliminated player…
    I take the two lowest losers from each team and select the one with the overall lowest loss. Why do I do that? Sometimes, someone can be losing quite well and just have a week they gain. This allows the most consistent player to stay in the game.

    Nikki did not weigh in this week and will be our eliminated player. No worries, check out the Second Chance comeback challenge. Sometimes, players drop off one by one. I design it that way to scare them off. LOL.
    Savannah, you are still in it to win it.

    Second-Chance Comeback...You can get back in the game by losing 1% of your lowest posted weight. When you achieve that, you can pick the team you wish to be on.

    Nutrition and Fitness Winners….many factors I look at to include weight loss.


    Overall, this was supposed to be about teams, but there was a lack of numbers. So, Fourathomej takes the cake (I mean carrots) by logging everyday - 0.75 lb. advantage.

    Fitness: Team winner is 0.75 lb. and goes to the Heartbreakers. Again, the lack of numbers was the biggest barrier this week.

    Weight Droppers….soon to be panty droppers (or, maybe boxers)

    Nisijam5 has joined Moonflower in the W1- der- lands - definitely nice to a that 1 pop up in the morning. Now, I have to work on the 9 next to it.

    Oops, I went the wrong way…Anyone with a gain of greater than 1.2 lbs is given a disadvantage. Why do I do that? It’s not fair to have someone gain a large amount of weight and then lose it the next week and end up being the winner. This helps to balance out the true winners. Sucks to be here, I know.

    Savannah - a 1.65 lb. penalty for the next week. Get the booty moving girl!!

    Who will be the next winner of the Fit-n-Trim contest? Will it be you?