90 Day Challenge

htg20 Posts: 116 Member
I haven’t really used MFP faithfully in a long time, but due to where the app was on my screen I kept accidentally logging in and got myself a streak going. I was inspired by that and starting logging in intentionally. Somewhere in that I had an epiphany- 90 days is 1/4 a year! Duh, but it hit me that I could probably do anything for 90 days, so I’ve decided to challenge myself to log my food and stick to my calories for the next 90 days. Anyone want to join with their own 90 day challenge? Looks like July 10 will be 90 days.


  • annie5904
    annie5904 Posts: 84 Member
    Sounds good to me. It is a great app. I am doing 60 mins body project HITT each day and twenty mins advanced kettles back to back. A one and a half mile walk too. So if I am good with my food I should see great improvement by July.
    Good luck with your challenge
  • mermaidnj
    mermaidnj Posts: 161 Member
    Have you started yet I would be intrested just realized I have logged in ninty plus day bouncing the samr five ponds around .. awful at logging..

  • RaisedToRamble
    RaisedToRamble Posts: 20 Member
    I'll do it. I've been off and on MFP so I could definitely benefit from being consistent. Starting today, 90 days will be July 24th for me.