Do you kip?

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This is an interesting article about kipping:

I don't have unassisted pull-ups yet. I don't kip because it feels very unnatural to me and it looks violent when others do it (some more than others). Don't get me wrong, a lot of what we do at CF "looks violent", but at least I know there's a right way & wrong way with the other things we do. I have no idea what the "right way" to kip is and I personally want to be able to do a deadhang pull-up unassisted by the end of the year. So... I practice dead hangs (with a band most times and occasionally jumping). Anyway, according to this article, I'm saving myself possible shoulder injury by not attempting the kip.


  • Shizzman
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    My box the general rule is 5 strict before people should be using kipping. For that very reason of protecting the shoulder. There even at times has been mention that muscle ups should be first learned through strict, before getting the kip...since that catch position and in general there is a lot of room for things to go wrong. Have strict helps protect the shoulder.
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    Great article. Makes me rethink my stance on pullups. I can do 3-4 strict pullups, but recently I have been working on getting my kips better so I can do the kipping pullups. This is making me think that I should give more focus to getting stronger with my strict PU's and save the kipping for a little later down the road.
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    I have found some pretty useful videos on Youtube which talk about kipping. One of the coaches at my gym (yeah I said gym, not box!) also gave me some really good tips. I am not there yet but getting good at different kinds of pull-ups is a goal of mine and I know I will get there soon.
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    I've been able to kip for a while now but wasn't able to strict pull. Having read a few things about this I tried strict PU's last week to see if I could do em yet and lo and behold I got a couple in. I'm not pushing out huge volumes of these things yet (kip PUs or strict PUs), so hopefully I am not doing any damage. My shoulders have never been of any ailment to me so far. I am going to continue to work on those strict PU's though to make sure I am strong enough for the kips!
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    I have been studying them a lot, and working on them. I hang off the bar & rings every chance I get, but can't yet do a strict PU. I have really been working on my form for kip which is helping me master the Kipping PU as well as T2B.
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    Speaking of the rings, I did learn how to skin the cat and now I do it all the time! I am like a big dumb kid. :bigsmile: