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    @HASWLRS That's what pass days are for! Sounds like a great time with your family.
  • heffalump2014
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    Yes. Yoga for 40 minutes
    Yes. Back on track
    Yes counting every morsel and sip .
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    Dory_42 wrote: »
    Oh, how I love Jiu Jitsu! After a 4th crazy busy day at work which included getting attacked by a door (after the 40+ kg python lunged at me, I was focused on him and caught my finger gouging a huge chunk of flesh out)! Believe me, the door was worse than the python! That’s how my life goes.....

    This will really scare me as I am not a fan of snakes :(. I am glad you are safe.
  • MadisonMolly2017
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    Sept 5
    Tracked all
    Calories under 464
    Ex 33 mins yoga
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    Went to a wonderful Amish town with my family! Weather was perfect and stayed under budget!
    Yes x 3
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    Sept 4
    Yes X 3

    Sept 5
    Yes X 3
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    Yes x 3