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Share your workouts OCTOBER here

LadyDeadliftLadyDeadlift Member, Premium Posts: 136 Member Member, Premium Posts: 136 Member
Hi there, it's been a long time since I've checked in here. Wanted to drop in and share that I've been fairly consistent with workouts since early summer. I've just been going in, got my 5x5 and got out - no accessory work or random workouts to speak of.

Last night I went to the gym to just try and burn some calories, I'd been stuck at my desk all day and barely 1,000 steps. Among the various calisthenic exercises - I did modified push ups and got 4 easy sets of 10!! Woot! I'm going to have to try full pushups sometime soon...

I credit two things: I narrowed my grip on the OHP and have made gains since doing so; before hand I could barely add any weight beyond the bar and maybe 5 additional pounds. Also, doing bent over kettle bell rows instead of pendlay rows. Penday rows have always been awkward for me and switching it up has allowed me to complete the lift effectively and begin adding weight.

I hope the SL community is staying healthy, well and staying strong!


Lady Deadlift


  • chicbucchicbuc Member Posts: 394 Member Member Posts: 394 Member
    Rows are also awkward for me. I thought I was the only one. Great job!
  • giusagiusa Member Posts: 675 Member Member Posts: 675 Member
    Hey! Great to see some activity here. I used to be active here. Trying to get back into lifting again, and get this muffin top off me, lol!!! Just finished a session. Felt great!!!

    Workout A done!

    @LadyDeadlift & @chicbuc I always have to rewatch the videos and make note to myself on hands/feet for my next lift

    Have a great day ladies!
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