Lets talk scales - do you love or hate them? How often do you use them?


  • ClaireBri74
    ClaireBri74 Posts: 84 Member
    I used to have digital scales that could do your body fat but but it was a fafff to get that reading.

    I recently bought a set of bluetooth scales so it could connect and auto log everything.

    I'm a daily weigher and love seeing how my body changes based on what I have done BUT I measure my loss weekly.

    I use ww caonair scales and I WOULD NOT recommend them. OMG I am a stress eater and the stress they have caused. I just switched mobile phone and despite everything saying you can use from multiple devices you can't.

    1. I have lost ALL my history as had to set up a new users
    2. Because I have a new user I have lost a user slot on the scales which is limited
    3. I can't get it to sync with here so I still have to manually input

    If anyone has geeky scales that sync with this please share what you have :)