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Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes?
Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day?
Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank?


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    Last day of the month! No matter how many pass days you had or if it was a good or bad month, let’s all aim to finish off strong (in whatever way you need to).
    For me, that means being aware of my food choices and getting back into the routine of daily yoga. I started with a run, but I’m giving myself the day off from logging on condition I stay aware of my choices. Sushi lunch with my friend will not be buffet sushi so I can make good choices.
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    @Dory_42 Although I am sorry about your relationship breaking down, I am very happy you are back posting fascinating stories again. Love sushi!
    @RangerRickL Thank you! I feel like a champion, having managed the whole month, more or less, until the end. Aiming for Winners' Circle in May!
    France is opening up, slowly! From Monday, we don't have to stay within a 10km radius any more and from 19th May museums, cinemas, theatres and outdoor cafes and restaurants can re-open, also probably my Yoga and Pilates class! From end of May indoor restaurants, that's also when I can have my second vaccination. Life looks a bit more interesting again!
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    Chinkiri wrote: »

    Thank you @Chinkiri !! Congratulations on another very successful month, too❣️
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    Thank you @Winner_in_Life & @SummerSkier for commenting in the main discussion board to let others know about UAC-May!!!

    If others can share even a few words, that would be awesome!

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    “A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset.”
    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes?
    • Planks Day 30 Intermediate (20min 08sec) Difficult... I will repeat Intermediate… Or abandon planks as such and replace with a full body strength training program. 20 minutes planking is long and boring and it will get even longer
    • Fitness Age/VO2max: 36/37
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes Fasting Day
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes
    Pass days used: 2/3
    It was a good month for me: minus 5.6kg (-12.4lbs). In pounds it is more impressive :D
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    Last day of April. Oh my. I’m not where I wanted to be. But here I am. A testament to the statement: If nothing changes, nothing changes. So, earlier this month I’d decided I don’t need a lifestyle change to stay healthy and lose weight. What I’m doing is keeping me healthy, and if I want to lose weight (I do, I do!!!) I only have to change the drinks and snacks I have almost every evening, because what I’m doing the other 20 hours of the day is spot on. Just 4 hours between dinner and bedtime… isn’t a long time but enough to do damage, or un-do what I did the entire rest of the day. Can I change my activities for those 4 hours? Of course I can. May starts tomorrow, but re-focusing and planning starts today. Let’s go!!
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    A reasonable day. Morning run and a walk with my friend before sushi. She is going through a rough time with her kids so it was good to just be there for her. I have also logged tomorrow’s food plan and I will get the yoga done first thing before I head off to work.
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    Hard to believe this is the last day of the challenge. :(

    Three yeses for me today. 1 pass day used this month. Not intentional. just happened.

    Love reading all the updates. Will be there in May....
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    Made it to the end of the month, still here.
    I drove home today from our short break away. We were just down the road a short way but it felt like a world away. We were on the edge of Exmoor and walked in the woods, cycled country lanes and enjoyed a lovely countryside.

    Exercise - yes, a short bike ride, about 25 minutes of cardio and some walking around packing up the van this morning.
    Tracking - no
    Calories - probably over my ideal.
    Tomorrow I shall weigh in and see the result of all the pass days in April.
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    All three done
  • Bovaryoo
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    I've logged my meals for most of next week so feeling good about having it all planned out. Two months until school is over!! And NYC is opening back up July 1st 🎉 although that's probably when I'll be heading to Atlanta for a month to see my family.

    Exercise: Spin & light arms
    Tracked: Yes
    Calories: Yes
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    This month was grimy and I'm glad it's done. Bring in May sooner, please, someone.

    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? YES | Women's World's 15 Minute Advanced Plank Workout (15), Theresa Depasquale's 90-Day Workout Program (35) TOTAL: 50
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? YES | Base + 187
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? YES

    Personal Bonus: Did I meet my protein macro for the day (40%)? NO | 32%
    Personal Bonus: Did I meet my fiber micro for the day (35g)? NO | 25g
    Pass Days Used: (APR01)(APR22)(APR23)
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    Calories:Y 1748/1800+778 exercise
    Exercise: Y 14m ride 49 minutes

    Also hopped on the scale to end the month and I am down 20 from March 1. I’m going to try and drop another 10 in May.

    My goal for exercise for the month of April was to average 10 miles per day bike riding which I knew was probably overly optimistic working 75hr/wk and the weather isn’t all that good this time of year here. I was hoping to make up missed miles on my day off but all of those were bad weather. I did end up with 242 miles out my goal of 300 which was pretty good. Next month should have better weather. Still going to have the same goal but the work hours won’t drop off until the last few days of the month so it will still be quite a challenge.

    See you all next month!
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    ✅ I exercised for at least 20 minutes
    ✅ I stayed within my calorie budget for the day
    ✅ I kept track of everything I ate and drank

    2️⃣ Pass Days left