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NJsempleNJsemple Member, Premium Posts: 41 Member Member, Premium Posts: 41 Member
Hi all from rainy Telford lol hope your having a great day. I’m recovering from my second COVID jab it knocked me about both times but managed to do a walk today last time took 5 days to get over and I’m on day 3 so here’s hoping. If anyone wants to add me feel free. I have a long road ahead but so far lost over 7 stone in just over a year but so far this year only lost 3lb so I gave up on ww and decided to join mfp I definitely think it’s better for me and I can keep an eye on everything


  • skinnyrev2bskinnyrev2b Member Posts: 397 Member Member Posts: 397 Member
    Hey from Sunny Derbyshire.
    Sorry your post has sat unread/unanswered for so long...
    7 stone? Wowsers! That's amazing! You've definitely got this weight loss thing nailed! MFP is a bit of a mindset change from WW, in that you can fill your diary with anything you like. It's up to you to work out what fills you up and fulfils your nutritional needs. It certainly works for me.
    Happy to be a friend if you want to add me :smiley:
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