What's on your mind today?

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This is where you can share what's on your mind. Recipes, ideas, workouts, anything that you think might be helpful to others.

Maybe, you've tried something that has worked for you in the past and would like to share it with the group. Maybe, you have a NSV (Non Scale Victory) that you would like to share with the group. Anything that you feel comfortable sharing or anything that you feel comfortable asking the group with help....this is the place to come.

The GOOD!! What NSV did you have this week!!
The BAD!! So what....you ate the whole thing!!
The UGLY!! That darn scale went through the window this week....it deserved it too!!

So, what's on your mind today??


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    This is neither good, bad nor ugly...but it is a time-limited, potential opportunity I can offer as a volunteer of the MFP Welcome Committee.

    MyFitnessPal hosts a small user panel every quarter where they invite 5-7 members to come in and talk about their experience using MyFitnessPal and to hear more about their health and fitness journey.

    The next panel is going to be Wednesday, June 9th from 12:45pm PST - 2:00pm PST and they're hoping to feature members of our LGBTQ community for this panel.

    What's a MyFitnessPal User Panel?
    We love giving our teammates the chance to engage directly with our members - and vice versa. We're interested in having you speak about your journey and tell us how we can make MyFitnessPal better. Most of our team doesn't get the privilege of interacting directly with members and our user panels are always one of the highlights of our year!

    Why would I want to attend an MFP user panel?
    Well we are a super fun team who loves nothing better than getting to hear directly from our members. Your feedback and perspective will be heard directly, giving you a chance to let us know how we can improve the app.

    Additionally members will get a free year of MFP premium and ongoing access to provide feedback directly to our team.

    What's the Plan?
    Given the current global pandemic we will not be hosting user panels in person for the time being. While this means we won't get to meet you face to face, it does mean we can include members from all over the country.

    We will be using video conferencing software that you can connect into for the user panel. We will ask you questions about your experience in using MyFitnessPal. You will have the opportunity to share feedback or requests on any part of our app or services, or just your experiences along your health and fitness journey.

    So if you identify as a member of the LGBTQ community, please send MFP staff member @alex a private message...


    ...if you are interested and available. From there, you will get the additional details as needed!
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    My phone is pretty old so mfp recently made it that i can no longer log into the app. I now use mfp through the mfp website which im not a huge fan of as the response time is much slower. Anyways i would like to know if there is a way i can scan barcodes of food thru the site? I use to use the scanning function alot wen i had the app. Any help with this wld be greatly appreciated. Xox
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    😬 Not that I know of @donna25trinity

    Even when entering foods that are familiar (or that you've previously entered or that you enter on a regular basis), when using the desktop it doesn't seem to recognize your habits the same way the app does.

    But maybe someone else has found a desktop work around?
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    @MaltedTea wat a shame! Thanks so much for confirming this though. I might hve to just bite the bullet and buy a new phone. Lol!! The things we do for mfp and calorie counting right lol! Xo
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    @shadowcookie1023 u may also find that ur run off ur feet prepping everthing for ur sons bday celebrations so u may be more active than u usual are and can possibly count this as exercise.
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    @Dory_42 This great! And good to remember... Thank you for sharing :)
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    @Dory_42 Thank you for sharing this with us!
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    @TerriRichardson112 awesome one and so true!!! Xo
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    @DebyS137 thank u for sharing this, just brilliant!!!!

    @shadowcookie1023 sometimes rest is wat u need to come back with a vengeance.