Looking for fitbit versa friends

mstkul1 Posts: 1 Member
Just looking for some friend to help stay on goal.


  • txpetvet
    txpetvet Posts: 13 Member
    Sounds good
    BEE3FAM Posts: 12 Member
    Versa is easy to use! :)
  • lehr_21236
    lehr_21236 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm a new member and Versa user. I've used MFP before with the Alta, but I can't seem to get MFP / Versa to sync. I'm thinking that MFP is still connected to my Alta. I've disconnected and reconnect, but still nothing. Any ideas?
  • Midnigh
    Midnigh Posts: 56 Member
    I'm looking forward to my new Versa 3 this weekend...currently using an older fitbit.
  • CaSp20
    CaSp20 Posts: 8 Member
    Just got a Versa 2 and am super happy! Love the heart rate feature which is so much more useful than just steps.
  • Fattleass
    Fattleass Posts: 223 Member
    Started using Versa but have no idea how to add Fitbit friends
  • Spammyamfa
    Spammyamfa Posts: 14 Member
    I have a Versa 2 and love it. Being using fitbits for over 10 years I think now and wouldn't be without it.
  • BahstenB10
    BahstenB10 Posts: 227 Member
    edited July 2021
  • sulthanzidan50
    sulthanzidan50 Posts: 1 Member
    https://semawur.com/jPQjNre9 i'm work out from this video make me lose more calories
  • Jacqui_Runs
    Jacqui_Runs Posts: 68 Member
    I am using the Versa 2. I just got it. Feel free to add me! my ID is 9HZLZ8
  • longhornfans43
    longhornfans43 Posts: 5 Member
    Ill be getting my Versa Lite on Monday cant wait I tried the Garmin and Don't like it as you cant add friends and there is no community.
  • krod726
    krod726 Posts: 1 Member
    Got my fitbit versa 2 one yr ago, love it! Hope you love your Lite too.
  • linda7677
    linda7677 Posts: 1,204 Member
    I have a Versa 3. I recently joined MFP. Still trying to get my Versa to synch with this app.
  • zelda1link81
    zelda1link81 Posts: 7 Member
    versa 2 owner
  • fitlin50
    fitlin50 Posts: 43 Member
    Love my Versa 2............so much information to keep me motivated!
  • Jhadzhia
    Jhadzhia Posts: 2 Member
    I have used Fitbit since its early days, had a lot die on me quickly and only wanted the simplest version available as I don't have a Smart Phone. I have a Versa, don't know what number, but it only gives me the option to connect with others if I have their e-mail or by Facebook friends. I have no idea how you came with those web addresses or how to even add them.
  • euchre35
    euchre35 Posts: 7 Member
    I have the Versa2 - my only issue is having to restart it almost every time to sync it since it loses connectivity.
  • lisarock43
    lisarock43 Posts: 5 Member
    I'm a versa lite user and looking for friends on both however if your a man please don't ask any personal questions such as I want to get to know you better will get you deleted ASAP and are you married with kids will also get you deleted ASAP. I'm only on both for my health and fitness friends.
  • Lillylith
    Lillylith Posts: 12 Member
    Just rejoining MFP. I have been using my Fitbit Versa 3 and the Fitbit app to record everything, but prefer MFP for food recording. I am hoping the move to MFP works smoothly with my Versa. Being accountable and recording everything helps me to stay on track.