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What are you happy about? Non-scale victories? Scale victories? Nothing is too big or too small to celebrate!


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    I'm happy that I cooked a pack of 6 chicken breasts yesterday! I still have to do something with them at meals, but I won't have to heat up the house with the oven on!
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    I took some measurements on the weekend, and was happy to see a reduction in all of them! Some more than others, and some I hadn't done for a couple of years so I'm more proud of the ones that I know are more recent.
  • saltysparkle
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    I got myself back on my yoga mat this week, which is really key for not only my physical, but my mental health as well. And I volunteered to tour some folks around my neighborhood today, and got an extra 4000 steps in as a result.
  • saltysparkle
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    Anyone done anything they are proud of lately?

    Although in many ways my family "vacation" ended up being quite stressful (with one of us landing in the hospital), one bright point for me just before everything fell apart was that I did something I've never done before:

    I went and took a walk/hike in a National Park, alone.

    This was weirdly brave of me since I'm not generally a fan of being in nature at all, much less alone. Having grown up in the city, I was taught by fairytales and my mom that the woods were dangerous, with wolves or rapists or serial killers behind every tree. And Hollywood has helpfully shown me my peril now that I am the slow, fat one who gets separated from the group: I am likely to be the first one to die.

    Add to this that the rare times I was in nature before, I was completely incapable of seeing the correct path and would find myself lost, having wandered down rabbit trails that looked totally legit to me. I also have a terrible sense of direction.

    But I did it! I walked for an hour and a half, alone, closed all my rings and then some, burned more calories than I usually burn in a week, made 2.85 miles distance, and did not get lost*, raped, or killed! I even -- don't tell my family this -- might have kind of enjoyed myself.

    Don't get it twisted; I'm not eager to go back out and hike alone in another unknown area. But...I've don't it once and now I know I could probably manage again if I needed to.

    *Okay, I guess this depends on your definition of "lost". There was a point at which I realized I probably was going the wrong way and that I should be looking for a path closer to the shore of a lake. So I took a path that pointed in that direction, and that put me on the right track. Could I have told you where, exactly, I was, on the map in my hands? No, no I could not have. Also? There was about thirty seconds' worth of me mistaking a bunny trail for the actual trail before I realized I was doing that thing again, and corrected my mistake.
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    Great post @saltysparkle ! And good for you to have widened your horizon :smiley: