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    stella7x7 wrote: »
    I've been forgetting to come and post this last week. I'm getting better from surgury. Eating and drinking is getting better.
    I've been getting caleries,exercise and logging. Today I didn't get but my short walks with my dog to take her out tho.

    Glad ur recovering ok. Xo
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    ✅ - Exercise 20+ Minutes: 93 minutes, aerobics/walking/circuits
    ✅ - Calories within budget
    ✅ - Tracked everything

    3️⃣ Pass Days left

    I understand that sudden realisation that our bodies have changed. It’s a wonderful feeling

    Yep it certainly is!! Xo
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    Exercise? Yes, bike ride and cardio workouts
    Tracked? Yes, every BLT
    Calories? Yes, well under.

    In July 2018 I had a healthcheck and was told I was obese - BMI 30.2 so only just over the borderline but my waist measurement was shocking! – I’m only 154 cm (just over 5’) so my goal for my waist was to be under 77cm (30”). It took a long time as I’m not a natural hour-glass shape, but eventually got there. That was a real NSV! It’s great not having to wear elasticated waist trousers and skirts. It’s also great being able to wear nice gym leggings.

    Unfortunately, my arthritis means I’m not as sprightly as I would have hoped after losing nearly 1/3rd of my bodyweight, but I’m sure I would be worse if I was still carrying that 22.5 kg. At least I can play with my grandchildren.

    Just outstanding @lesdarts180 now that is definitely something to brag about. I am also a shorty so can relate. If I put just a kilo or 2 on cause I am so short it's very obvious. Whereas my bestie and sister are really tall so when they put on 10kg u can barely notice. Us shorties need to be extra careful. Ah well I hve always been told ever since I was a lil gal that good things come in small packages. He he
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    Yes, yes, and yes
    Bragging: I've always loved my body no matter what size but seeing how much stronger it looks from weight training, feels extra fabulous :)

    Brilliant and great mindset @ForLangston! Xo
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    jamcnewman wrote: »
    Thanks fir the topic opening post today Donna — it did give me something to consider and J came away feeling more positive. @donna25trinity

    Like @ashleycarole86 my rings are fitting better and that is a really good feeling and a reminder every day. 💍 The first place I noticed in the mirror was my face. I now have more of a waist, but in contrast, I think it makes my tummy look bigger. Husband disagrees and I’ll just be kind to myself while I continue to make progress. 💛 Bras are fitting very differently, and are all now in the tightest setting. The day will come when I need to go back in for a fitting.

    It has been a wee bit of a juggle doing the seasonal wardrobe move to the winter things and deciding what things should be given away and leave the house (from the summer things and from the winter clothes that fit last year but won’t this year). But, that has been a good thing as I try clothes on and realize they are now too big.

    So — some progress!

    That's huge progress @jamcnewman from the looser rings, to the smaller waist to the clothes no longer fitting. Amazing!!!!!!We are our own worst critics so I am sure hubby is spot on wen he disagrees with ur perception of ur tummy. There are also parts of my body I struggle with since losing weight. My breasts use to be a lot bigger and firmer before weight loss and bub. Lol so that's a huge bummer but I am coming to terms with that as time goes on and try to focus on the positive aspects which is they are still a really decent size he he. Sorry if the breast talk is tmi guys I hope I hvent embarrassed anyone. Ha ha!!! Xo
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    Thought of two more things:

    1) I have sleep apnea that was recently diagnosed (within the last couple of years). I've always been a terrible snorer, and it's very possible that my sleep apnea is structural and that losing the weight won't fix it. BUT, I'm working towards getting towards my normal BMI and then I'll do a retest. Anyway, in the meantime I had my 6 month follow-up and my pressure numbers are dropping which I guess is in indication that the machine is working less hard to prevent me from having events? I just found that out on my birthday and no matter what it feels like great news and could only be because of my weight loss this year as far as I can figure.

    2) I no longer worry at a restaurant that a booth might be tight.

    Exercise for today: 10 minutes recumbent bike, 44 minutes walking, 20 minutes resistance band strength training, 20 minutes yoga
    Did I stay within calories: yes
    Did I track everything: yes

    Pass days used - 1 (Nov 1)

    Wowww love this! I am sure that news wld hve been the best bday pressie a gal could ask 4! Awww how awesome that this is no longer a concern for u!! Must feel so great!!! Keep it up @ashleycarole86 ur killing it! Xox
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    jamcnewman wrote: »
    @taurie What an tremendous step count for the day!!!! 🏆 Your meal out sounds like it was a really lovely treat and I just love having meals that are healthy and delicious and perhaps a bit mysterious. We’re you at a greenhouse or in the little cocoon greenhouse huts we keep hearing about that are being used in places in the Netherlands? 🥰 Julie

    It used to be a real greenhouse. It’s inside a park. They still have a greenhouse there that’s just for show but they source everything from their real greenhouse which is local. From inside the greenhouse/main dining room there was a stunning view of the park with all if it’s autumn colours. The friends who we went with go there every time in Amsterdam and said how different it was when it was spring and everything was open and there were colourful flowers everywhere. It is very special and incredibly delicious.

    This is the place if you’d like to look it up
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    NOV 6
    Exercise ✅ [> 20 min walk]
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    Great post @donna25trinity !

    I’ve thought & thought about it.

    My hands look better, as do LOL my feet. My rings twirl which I enjoy. The ring I got in 2018 would never have fit me pre-weight loss & it’s a glorious memory of needing an avg size (LOTS of choices) vs one of the largest sizes (very few choices.)

    My legs are definitely slimmer as are my arms. My hips decreased more than I ever thought they would and (thankfully) so did my abdomen & waist - and I still have b**bs!! A miracle!

    So lots of good news. However, to be totally honest, I’m not sure I truly realize how trim I am. Every once in a while I’ll be with friends - mostly shorter - who I think of as trimmer than me & they’ll share their weight & my brain will do a puzzled backflip. “Wait, I weigh 8-14 lbs LESS than that!”

    So I guess my brain is just taking awhile to keep up with the reality!

    I do think COVID & my situation has made it tough to go shop in person. I did find my jeans & exercise footwear & sunscreen jackets on-line, but I’d really like to go get some new things.

    I think part of the problem is I still wear *most* of my larger outer wear & sweaters & PJ’s - not to mention old t-shirts of my son’s.

    I’m Cheap when it comes to non-work clothes & I’m now retired, so yes, I’m gonna have to figure this out!

    To end in a positive note, I definitely have a more accurate body image with each year in maintenance. AND I do notice I don’t fill a chair, etc.

    But most of my real changes are in ease of running up stairs, general energy level & activity, just much more fit & healthy.

    So many changes u hve noticed @MadisonMolly2017 both in ur fitness levels and appearance... How wonderful and inspirational as always!!! Yay 4 u gal!!! Its important we remind ourselves of this so we never ever go back!!! And yes I tots know wat u mean with the brain keeping up with the reality. My hairdresser called me tiny wen she seen me carrying bub in a capsule and his baby bag etc and I was like tiny??? Seriously she can't be talking about me?? Ha ha!!!! Lastly I wish I seen this post b4 I posted the word breasts earlier lol I was thinking of a classier more diplomatic way to articulate it and b**bs is def it. Lol! I shall be stealing this 1 the next time I need to refer to the chest region. Ha ha! Xo
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    BMcC9 wrote: »
    Exercise: o:) more than an hour of wii walking game on my mini-trampoline (~ 6000+ steps) plus after-supper walk to the farther of two grocery stores and back (11732 steps for the whole day .... not bad considering I didn't get up until around 11:30 this morning)
    Logging: o:) everything (not hard to to do when there is no breakfast or lunch to record - just afternoon snack, supper and evening snack.... weekends I sleep late, and tend to have what I can "inadvertent intermittent fasting time". Not an eating style choice ... just that there are fewer "awake time hours" do to the eating in ;)
    In Range: o:) didn't even get all the way to the end of the allowed calories ... and also DIDN'T have even more (while still staying in range) "just because I could have" Yay ME!!

    Pass days used so far: 1 (bad planning)

    Bragging ... my breathing is better (when I started out more than 35 pounds ago, doing the energetic walking would get me breathing hard enough to get to the bottom of my lungs and set off some coughing fits. I also tended to get exercise-sweat induced hives.

    Yes, you read that right ... allergic reaction to exercising in the form of red swelling. Not any more. And I don't snore any more.

    I also am very proud of having re-trained my taste buds to the point where plain air-popped popcorn is actually my taste CHOICE. I started by subbing Molly McButter (butter flavored sprinkles) instead of melted butter .... then cut that out too .... and now if I ever have popcorn away from home that someone has cooked in oil or put metlted butter on ... I find it toooooooo greasy tasting.

    This is fabulous @bmccc9 you must feel so proud of all u hve achieved and how much ur overall health has changed!!! These are def all life changing! I hve to ask how do u cook ur air popped popcorn without it burning?? I find wen I try without butter it burns. Also I hve never heard of butter sprinkles I shall def be adding that to my shopping list if I can find it here in Aussie! Xo
  • Nov 7
    Exercise - 45 minute walk
    Tracking - preplanned and adjusted as I went
    Calories - Under by just a little on my 2,000 calorie "takeout day"

    I was very proud of tracking everything and staying under when I had family visiting. Not only did we get takeout, by my stepmother baked an apple pie with my daughter, so I had to eat that. But it still fit within the limits I had set. Feels a bit like cheating to have this high calorie day rather than just taking a pass day, but the math does work. And honestly tracking meant I didn't go as crazy as I otherwise would have - with the result that not only did I not gain as much weight but also I didn't feel sick afterwards! (Usually on full pass days my belly feels awful). But on the other hand it still feels very indulgent and sustainable.

    As for bragging - good timing on that question. I am working on a project of buying new winter clothes. Last winter I had lost weight, but was new to working from home and just bought a few pairs of sweatpants and kept wearing all of my now super-baggy shirts and shlubbed it through a depressing pandemic winter. This year I am down a few more pounds and am still working from home so don't need nice work clothes, but have the goal of assembling a wardrobe that is cozy and comfortable but a step above the "I just rolled out of bed and plan to collapse back into bed as soon as I can." So yesterday I got in some stuff I had ordered, much of it in a smaller size than I thought was appropriate. I tried it on and it all fit and looked great! I have an outfit laid out for myself today that I am so excited to wear!

    Honestly I have never been thrilled with my body and I am not losing weight to be "happy" with my body because that's not going to happen - several spots I am unhappy with that weight loss will do nothing for or may even make worse. I try to focus on my body as a place I live in, not a place to look at. And living in my body at a lower weight and with more fitness is much more comfortable - the daily getting up and down of caring for young kids is no trouble or pain at all - and that is a lovely change.