What's your goat?

SnicciFit Posts: 967 Member
I have several goats. My biggest ones are handstands & doubleunders. I plan to work both of these skills to death.


  • ascrit
    ascrit Posts: 770 Member
    Kipping pullups. I just can't seem to get the movement right.
  • cmay89
    cmay89 Posts: 337 Member
    bar muscle-ups/muscle-up transitions. Bane of my existence. So close, so very close but so far
  • lilmissmanx
    lilmissmanx Posts: 81 Member
    Pull ups, and overhead squat snatch. Total nightmare
  • kevie1021
    kevie1021 Posts: 543 Member
    Double unders and squat snatch. I have crappy flexibility in my hips so I can never get that low in the snatch. I have others that need some work, but those are definitely my primary areas in need of work
  • bostonwolf
    bostonwolf Posts: 3,038 Member
    Everything. I have targeted Double Unders and OHS Squat depth at the first two targets along with general ab weakness.
  • rmk20togo
    rmk20togo Posts: 353 Member
    Pull-ups! I'll get them or die trying. My biggest hurdle is grip strength.
  • wswilliams67
    wswilliams67 Posts: 938 Member
    Running. I hate it. Did so much of it in the Army if I never run again I'd die happy. Other than that, pretty much any body weight stuff. I'm getting stronger but holding my own weight is a pain. Someday though.
  • 1PatientBear
    1PatientBear Posts: 2,089 Member
    Pretty much everything right now. I'm still so new that I'm learning the techniques to everything. I feel like a giant wuss doing deadlifts with less weight than some of the girls, but I know I'll get there.......
  • momof2osaurus
    momof2osaurus Posts: 477 Member
    Everything. I'm a lot stronger than I was 2 months ago, but still only GOOD at flexibility stuff, which I have naturally for some reason. I think my core strength is what I need to work on the most, and I'd really like to get to real push ups.
  • LisaWeir74
    LisaWeir74 Posts: 88 Member
    Anything dealing with grip strength, kipping pull ups & double unders!
  • katmandou6
    katmandou6 Posts: 10 Member
    So many... I would say toes to bar and kipping pull-ups. Can't kip right now and I rip my hands all the time (so I have to avoid practicing for a few days and I don't improve!)
  • bostonwolf
    bostonwolf Posts: 3,038 Member
    Kat, do a google search for how to tape your hands. A lot of CF athletes swear by it.
  • Ichigo2012
    Ichigo2012 Posts: 31 Member
    Double unders :(
  • christy_frank
    christy_frank Posts: 680 Member
    Muscle Up.....even a bar muscle up
    Overhead squat
    Squat Snatch