Accuracy of FitBit for walks as activity

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I’m new to MFP, longtime FitBit user (currently have an Inspire HR). I understand all the mechanics of how the two apps sync and send info to each other (it’s so convenient!), but I’m wondering how accurate FitBit is for measuring calorie burn on walks.

Today I went on a 4.3 mile walk, took me about 1hr 20min, and bpm was avg 110. FitBit estimated my calorie burn at 454 for that activity. That seems so high, but maybe I’ve just been long underestimating the calorie-burning potential of walks?

I never really paid much attention to calorie burn on my Fitbit before, because it wasn’t factoring it into my eating, but now worried I’m hindering my weight loss goals… Would it be better to not count any walking as an activity and just use steps?

Also, is there a way to search within individual groups? I tried to see if this had been asked, but could only see a way to search the whole site. Thanks to anyone who has insight.


  • pamperedlinny
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    I've always found that Fitbit seems to give more calories than I think I've burned. I try to only eat back about half my exercise calories on average. Enough that I'm eating some back but not so many that I worry about the inaccuracy.