Mission Slimpossible Team Chat - JUNE 2022



  • davors19
    davors19 Posts: 231 Member
    Weigh in day: Friday
    PW: 247
    CW: 246
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
    Megan_smartiepants1970 Posts: 31,593 Member
    Hi MS... Another new member joining your team ...Please welcome @lindaprofota :)
  • LeahIsALoser
    LeahIsALoser Posts: 78 Member
    edited June 2022
    Weigh in: Friday

    Username: @LeahIsALoser
    PW: 246.0
    CW: 247.2
    + 1.2 lbs

    No idea where I went wrong. Stuck with the plan but still up 1.2 lbs! Ah well... You win some; you lose some...
  • DanielleHeitzenrater
    DanielleHeitzenrater Posts: 35 Member
    username: DanielleHeitzenrater

    Pw: 245
    Cw 244.6
    weigh in day Friday
  • Katmary71
    Katmary71 Posts: 5,594 Member
    @trooworld How hot is it down there? That planned outage will be awful, I'm on a discount plan where I agreed to have it cut if needed.

    @micaroo4 Glad you're having good weather! Sounds like you're crushing your goals!

    @lindaprofota Welcome to Slimpossibles!

    @LeahIsaLoser Some weeks won't make sense, I wish it was more clear cut but unless it's like this for weeks I wouldn't sweat it, you're doing great!

    Weekend is here, woot woot! Not that I'm doing anything exciting, I'm going to the farm tomorrow and the farmer's market for a blue vanilla basil I don't need but I'm looking forward to both. I'm doing a workout challenge this weekend but it's total calories burned which shouldn't be an issue with a few hours at the farm. I went to get my neighbor a card at the grocery store, one of the women I used to play Bunco with just lost her husband and I had no clue what to make with her health issues so I'm just going to send a sympathy card. I stopped and got some melons too, that's next up after I post this! Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!
  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 8,410 Member

    The July 2022 Habit Tracker is ready for set-up. Since we start July on Sunday June 26th, you had better get going!! Here is everything you need to know:

  • gwamajtw91
    gwamajtw91 Posts: 137 Member
    PW: 167.7
    CW: 167.5

    I started tracking my food again after last weekend and it's abundance of calories. It really helped me make better decisions during the week and I even have a teeny tiny loss to show for it. Just trying not to compare myself to last summer when I was almost 10 pounds lighter than today. Keep up the good work Slims!!
  • teshea69
    teshea69 Posts: 6 Member
    Hi Everyone, Theresa from Nova Scotia here. I joined the July Challenge, I’m a little intimidated, however, I’m also looking forward to it.
  • micaroo4
    micaroo4 Posts: 1,055 Member
    edited June 2022
    Username: micaroo4
    Weigh In Day: Saturday
    PW (Previous Weight): 130.6
    CW (Current Weight): 130.4
    Maintenance range of 127-133 (Center weight 130)
  • amioc
    amioc Posts: 175 Member
    Username amioc weigh in day: Friday Starting weight 147 (28/01/2022) All time heaviest 148 (24/01/2022) PW: 142.0 CW: 143.8 😕
  • x_Lian_x
    x_Lian_x Posts: 5 Member
    edited June 2022
    Hi everyone i have joined the July challenge so excited 😊 and am looking to get some motivation from the group to help me stick to plan. Good luck everyone!!

    Weigh in day: Friday
    Starting weight: 212
    Current weight: 204
  • Cornanda
    Cornanda Posts: 773 Member
    Friday weigh in
    PW: 166.8
    CW: 166.8
  • Cornanda
    Cornanda Posts: 773 Member
    Hi Slims,

    I started my new job Monday and it's been a topsy turvy week. None of my plans worked out for a myriad of reasons. I sneaked in what exercise I could and tried my best with food and am very satisfied with no change in weight.

    Not sure yet if taking this job was the right decision, but time will tell.

  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 8,410 Member
    The July team chat thread is open! Please finish posting stats for this week here, and go to the new chat to (re)introduce yourselves and get ready for a new month -
  • askewcr
    askewcr Posts: 294 Member
    Weigh In Day:Saturday
    Starting Weight: 258.5
    PW : 254.5 lbs
    CW 254.5 lbs B)
  • trooworld
    trooworld Posts: 4,401 Member
    Username: Trooworld
    Weigh-in day: Saturday
    PW: 227.8
    CW: 229.2 :s
  • krea4
    krea4 Posts: 1,806 Member
    Monday (sorry it's late)
    PW: 72.00 kg 158.7 lbs
    CW: 72.45 kg 159.7 lbs

    I've not been well this week.
    But I'm feeling better now so I'm fully in.
    Feeling determined to lose this 10.45kg
  • laurelfit57
    laurelfit57 Posts: 354 Member
    Username: laurelfit57
    Weigh In Day: Sunday
    PW: 141.6
    CW: 138
    Goal Zone 135-140
    Center weight 137
  • laurelfit57
    laurelfit57 Posts: 354 Member
    @trooworld thanks for the recipe, I will definitely be trying it out next week! I can’t even imagine losing electricity, does that happen often?

    @micaroo4 sounds like you are having a wonderful vacation! Congratulations on being so far ahead of your goal :-).

    @davors19, @DanielleHeitzenrater, congrats on the loss!

    @LeahlsALoser Sometimes our bodies are just going to do what they are going to do, no rhyme no reason. Just keep doing what you’re doing and it will all come off!

    @Katmary71 sounds like you are going to have a lovely and busy weekend! What is a blue vanilla basil? It sounds delicious!

    @gwamajtw91 good for you for getting tracking! That is huge

    @teshea69 Welcome! I travelled around Nova Scotia about three years ago for about three weeks, what a beautiful part of the world! You will do great here!

    @Cornanda yay you! Stay the same your first week back at work, congratulations! How are you holding up? I think it is probably very tiring getting back to working full-time.

    The weather was absolutely beautiful here today, really nice change from all the rain we have been getting the last two weeks. I was in the pool from 1030 until noon with my grandkids, I’m exhausted LOL! I weighed in one day early this week, I am heading out to my brothers farm and won’t be home probably until Tuesday.
    I had a pretty big weight loss this week, but I don’t think it was a true weight loss. I think last weekend, my diet was pretty high in sodium and that had a great deal to do with my weight gain. Last weekend I tried to be so careful with portion control, but still saw that big increase in weight. By about Tuesday this week I was down 2 pounds and then this morning almost another two, whatever it was I’m just about in mid range again so I will take it!
    Hope everybody had a great Saturday!
  • Katmary71
    Katmary71 Posts: 5,594 Member
    @gwamajtw91 I'm glad tracking is helping you, I know it made a big difference for me when I joined here, I didn't realize how much I was eating either. You'll get back to where you were before, comparison games just make us feel bad about ourselves.

    @teshea69 Welcome Theresa, don't be intimidated, you got this! Let us know if there's anything we can do to help you but it's a friendly competition here.

    @x_Lian_x Welcome my friend! I look forward to getting to know you.

    @Cornanda Glad you maintained this week, a new job is a lot of stress, hopefully once it's more familiar to you you'll find it less stressful. I think once you get used to it you can plan better too but glad your first week is behind you.

    @krea4 Glad you're feeling better!

    @laurelfit57 She wasn't there today so I don't have the plant yet! It's basil that must smell/taste like vanilla and has blue flowers. I went to the farm and didn't see the guy that runs it so I went to the farmer's market and they were still setting up so she may have come later but I'll check it out next week. Sounds like a long pool day, I know I always say this but you're the most fun grandma! Have fun at the farm.

    Hi everyone, happy Saturday night! I woke up and did my workout plus the belly dancing challenge (and PT, my workouts are a little too long right now!) then went to the farm and the guy that runs it wasn't there yet so I went to the farmer's market and the plant seller wasn't there so I bought some fruit and went back to the farm where I processed the Swiss chard, washed and bunched carrots, and dealt with a TON of potatoes. I'm finishing up a book in my series and am heading back to it now, have a great Sunday everyone.
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