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🙏Dianedoessmiles1, (Diane), Needs Our Prayers and Positive Thoughts!

Ceriusly1 Posts: 5,854 Member
edited June 2022 in Social Groups
Diane is a friend to everyone! She seems to always know when someone has a need and she is quick to respond!

Now Diane needs our Prayers! You may know that she had surgery on her foot recently. Her foot has developed an infection. You may also know that Diane Has heart problems. The foot infection has caused problems with her heart.

Diane is in surgery now I believe, Cat please add anything I miss in your comment. This surgery is to debride the infected area and possibly remove the little toe.

Please leave your encouraging comments, prayers and good wishes here for Diane


  • Ceriusly1
    Ceriusly1 Posts: 5,854 Member
    My Dear Lady Di! May my love and prayers surround you! May Jehovah touch and strengthen your body in every area you need healing! kn23vwdqx2uj.jpeg
  • Catwmncat
    Catwmncat Posts: 7,287 Member
    edited June 2022

    @Ceriusly1 she was headed down for surgery just before 1pm... will update as soon as I hear anything!
  • LindieMaeP
    LindieMaeP Posts: 4,733 Member
    Dianne you know your spiritual brothers and sisters are all praying for you and you know Jehovah is with you as well, He has your back !! (Ps 41:3 - Jehovah will sustain him on his sickbed; During his sickness you will completely change his bed. )All your friends here are also praying for you and wishing you well too. Take the time needed to heal and we look forward to your return when the time is right. "Do not be anxious".... my friend...

  • HealthyBarb1
    HealthyBarb1 Posts: 2,704 Member
    @Dianedoessmiles1 *Diane* Know that you are being prayed for... 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Hugs are being sent 🤗. May you feel God's presence & provision & peace as you walk through this season.
    Sending you pic of my calming water fountain where I am sitting on my back deck. Hugs & Prayers Barb 😎
    DCHANCE61 Posts: 503 Member
  • Kopsbaby
    Kopsbaby Posts: 359 Member
    Prayers for healing and a quick recovery
  • steviebee888
    steviebee888 Posts: 810 Member
    @Dianedoessmiles1 Praying your healing and a quick recovery in the name of Jesus. By His stripes, you are healed.
  • Retired_Sue
    Retired_Sue Posts: 11,815 Member
    @Dianedoessmiles1 - Healing thoughts and prayers coming your way!

  • Grannysue91
    Grannysue91 Posts: 5,041 Member

    You are in my thoughts and prayers Diane. I hope you feel better soon.
  • dbeau57
    dbeau57 Posts: 1,620 Member

    Prayers for a successful outcome.
  • NovemberGail
    NovemberGail Posts: 2,224 Member
    Hey Diane,

    Praying for you and all those who are caring for you. Keeping Izzy in my prayers, too! She's probably figured out you are not on a camping trip. Cats are smart that way.

    I hate that you are going through this, and also know that you can turn any lemon into lemonade. Peace and quick healing!


  • DNjoys
    DNjoys Posts: 7,934 Member
    edited June 2022
    Praying you're soon home, back on your feet and all healed up.

    We tend to think of turtles as slow, but I was at a zoo once and tried to take a photo of a moving turtle. It was just a little larger than a basketball and boy could that critter move! Took at least 4 tries and I still didn't get a good shot cause it moved so fast I couldn't keep it in my view finder! (this was before the days of smartphones). I was literally chasing it (and getting my exercise). So don't let stereotypes fool you. Turtles can move fast when they want to (at least one species can)!
  • EclipsedAgain
    EclipsedAgain Posts: 4,014 Member
    I hope all went well with the surgery! Sending strength, love and prayers to Diane!
  • SparkSpringtime69
    SparkSpringtime69 Posts: 929 Member
    edited June 2022
  • Saltlife49
    Saltlife49 Posts: 149 Member
    Oh no! Get well soon, Diane!! Sending you lots of love, hugs and positive vibes for a speedy recovery!
    CHARLIE46SUE Posts: 862 Member
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you feel better soon.
    Hugs <3
  • Keonee7
    Keonee7 Posts: 525 Member
    Sending Prayers and Healing thoughts your way
  • Retired_Sue
    Retired_Sue Posts: 11,815 Member
    @Catwmncat - Thanks for sharing! It's great to know that Dianne is on the mend! Hard to keep her down for long!
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