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Greetings! If you are a member of a Challenge Team, you should have seen the below description of the IBC. Please read the below, if you have not already, and post in the comments you would like to participate in the IB and what your summer team is. Thank you for posting only to this thread and not chatting or asking questions here. If you have questions please ask on the Summer Buzz.

For anyone unfamiliar with the In-Between Challenge, (IB), here is a brief history; Years ago on Spark People, the Overall Leaders of the 5% Challenge decided to offer the teams the opportunity to remain accountable during the time between challenges. The setup time for a new challenge can go anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks. That worked well on SP and the IB has evolved into its own entity. The IB is totally separate from the official 5% challenge and runs only from the day a challenge ends to Day 1 of the next challenge. The rules are relaxed, and the teams are not competitive. Being on MFP has resulted in making a change to the way the IB is run. Please read the details below.

There will be one sign-up thread on the Community team for all who wish to participate. There is no team choice simply post yes I want to participate. Following is the grouping of the teams. The teams will not be competing and will have the same relaxed format as always as to the discretion of the team's leaders.

River Otters (optional change if you want to now or later.)

Mission Slimpossible
Rain Dancers
Red Hot Steppers
Thinner Winners

Fit 4 Life In Gr8ter Shape

Fit Force
Tenacious GR8TERS
Shape Shifters

The Summer teams will remain available for anyone wishing to stay connected but not participate in the In-Between Challenge. The Fall Community will also be open the day after the last Summer WIN.
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