Working with a coach

So I've been running consistently for 3 years, have made some decent progress in terms of speed (1st 5K was 29:00, latest was 21:48) and distance (training for my first marathon), and was tossing around the idea of working with a running coach. Curious to hear of others who are working with a coach, and what your experience has been. Most importantly, has it been worth it for working towards your goals?



  • fabiomuralha
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    Hey dude, so I'm in a serious running training since April 2012 and started to be followed by a coach in the last 2 months. I think if you have this opportunity , grab it! It gives you motivation and energy to keep going on in your training! My last 10k was in February this year without the coach, I made it in 56min... two weeks ago I ran in 48minutes ... the 5k in 23 ...

    By the way, I prefer to be advised by distance, because the time that I have is variable and I don't like to be obligated to be at a place at a specific time LOL. My coach is from South Africa and I live in Brazil, just for you know.