Friday! The 13th...

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    Tonight, bf will be meeting my cousin who's like a BFF... Oh and her hubby too. We are just going to dinner. Then we plan on a Breaking Bad marathon. (I've only watched through season 2 and introduced him to it)
    Tomorrow, we are getting up early and going disc golfing with his friend. I can't wait! Love that he likes to do stuff! Then I'm meeting bfs mom for 1st time. We are also doing dinner and I'm super nervous.
    Sunday will be relaxing then hanging out with him to watch foozball in the evening.
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    Tonight, I'm meeting some friends. My eyes have been hurting all week so I think I needs some blurred vision to sort it out.........:laugh:

    The rest of the weekend will be relaxing and spontaneous. Lets see where the chips fall.........:smokin:
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    Tonight is possible date.......5th or 6th, but he might cancel as he got called back to work last night and is tired :(

    Tomorrow is my nephew's 2nd bday--he and parents are visiting from TX to have party, and most relatives have not met him yet, so will be big deal.

    Sunday we are supposed to do Family Photo---since all members of family will be together........which has not been the case for almost 3 years.
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    I'm more looking forward to the next Friday the 13th as that one will be my birthday. Y'all have 91 shopping days left. Get to it!

    I am off early today. I'm going to the gym afterwork and then piddling around for a while. GF and I going to a football game tonight. Tomorrow I'm running in the morning then Texas A&M hosts Alabama at 2:30. I'll be watching that one for sure. Tomorrow night, GF and I going to see Rent at the local municipal theater. If the Aggies lose, she may be in for an unpleasant evening. Sunday is up in the air right now.
  • Relaxing tonight making it through this downgraded Tropical Storm Gabrielle as she bears down on top of us! Tomorrow morning, the guy I am dating is coming in for the weekend (he lives in another province almost 3 hours away) and we are heading to a Metal/Hard Rock Festival camping for the weekend with a couple of my friends. :happy: There will be more than a few adult beverages consumed this weekend! :drinker: Have a very safe and happy weekend everyone!
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    Celebrating my 29th birthday!!!!!!! We have a recital to go to (boring! Haha mostly because I don't know the guy and I'm pretty skeptical about baritones to begin with :laugh: )

    THEN...out for Indian food and then copious amounts of drinking. I already have my DD lined up!!! :drinker: :drinker: :drinker:
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    Tonight there is a party I am invited to but don't think I will go as I am still in the boot and going to a party tomorrow.
    Tomorrow a friend is having a frat party themed party. About 10 of us girls came up with some fake sorority shirts which we made last night. We are going to fill up water ballons and do a sneak attack sometime in the night. Also on each of our shirts is an error and if someone finds it they have to do a shot.
    Sunday meeting up to watch the Bears/Vikings game with my friend that is a Bears fan.
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    IOWA vs. Iowa State!

    Go Cyclones!!!!

    Have a date late Saturday night.
    Mom's coming up this weekend too.
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    5K tomorrow for a high school friend who is involved in a Domestic Abuse Prevention group. Bunch of old friends coming in from out of town to participate. "After Party" at my place in the afternoon/evening. Gorgeous weather here this weekend! Should be a good time and helping out a great cause.

    Will be chillin' on Sunday after company leaves. Current plan is to watch the Skins vs. Packers game from best seat in the house...the couch! :)