Hello! Wow the group has grown!

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I can't believe how much the group has grown since I first joined last year. I did Zombies, run! season 1 when it first came out. I finished the whole series and started on side missions. I was doing great until I went to visit my sister in the US (I live in the UK). That was around the time of the hurricane Sandy (NY and NJ) and I was stuck for 3 extra weeks. I stopped running and didn't pick it back up when I did finally make it home.
The usual excuses, the holidays, the winter blahs, and then I started my own business. Well that really gave me a lot of excuses. TMI warning for the guys...I also had the coil put in and it helped to pack on the pounds!! So after a trip to Bruge earlier this year I decided to start back but with Zombies, run! 5k first before going into season 2.
I graduated today, yay me :) and I am so glad to be back into it. I do run on the undeadmill exclusively due to a knee injury 2 years ago. Running outside also makes me very anxious.
I plan on taking Friday off, doing a side mission on Saturday and starting season 2 on Monday. I can't wait.
Well that's my ginormous hello LOL. I can't wait to get caught up on what's been going on and get to chat with you all.
See you in field,
Runner 5.


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    What's a coil? Is that something girls aren't supposed to know about?

    Any who - welcome back Runner! When my UK friends come over here they're always like, "GAWD SO MUCH SUGAR AND FOOD!!!" Did you feel that way?

    I had to take a break from running due to injury but am back myself about a quarter of the way through season 2. :-) I have a thyroid issue I guess - will have blood work drawn but I know it's a big possibility so unfortunately although I run and eat right I keep gaining weight. EEERRRGH. This is really offending me at the moment. I know I would lose weight if I just cut out one little thing in my life: food. All food.:sad:

    One thing that keeps me going is I blog Monday - Friday about my runs and I take photographs while I go running. I'm not sure what I will do when the rain really hits us here in the rain forest of the Pacific Northwest (US).

    Welcome back! If you want to follow me on your Zombie Run page my name is: 7Hunters

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    Welcome back Runner 5. It's great to see you around.