Tomorrow! First Century of 2013!

Just thought I'd share, I'm doing my first century ride of 2013 on Sept 22. I've done one other century ride about a year ago. I rode a breezer commuter bike on that one, and spent about 11 hours in the saddle to complete the ride. I'm on a new road bike this year (I've had it for less than 2 weeks), and am mildly concerned about neck/shoulder pain. Well, and *kitten* pain, too. But I can deal with *kitten* pain, lol!

Any tips on how to best avoid neck and shoulder pain on long rides? I plan on taking ibuprofen as a prophylactic for the ride. Anything else?

I've spent up to 6 hours in one ride on the new bike. I know my legs can handle the ride, it was my neck and shoulders that got tired and sore.

Maybe I'll just have to shoot for a faster average pace, and just get done with the ride as quickly as I can. :happy:


  • primal_cupcakes
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    When I'm doing long rides and my back and neck start to get uncomfortable, I do the cat/cow thing from yoga: Take a deep breath in and let my belly expand and my shoulder blades move toward each other, then exhale and pull my belly in to my spine while rounding my back. I find it helps me release tension while riding. I also change hand positions a lot while riding to avoid fatigue.
    Have a great ride! May the wind always be at your back!
  • TheRealParisLove
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    That's a great suggestion! I will put that one to good use tomorrow. Thanks!
  • Jakess1971
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    I had the same thing when I did a century last week, incredibly still shoulders but when your in one position for so long joints are gonna start feeling a bit stiff and tired, I'll be interested to see if you found a way to help combat that.
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    How did ride go?
  • verdemujer
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    I've also learned to drink caffine - it really does help with the aches and pains. I use them when I know I'm a bit over exercised and yet have to get through the 3 hours of karate. I tend to like the starbucks refreshers rather than coffee. You can also find some gels with caffine in them now. On my longer rides, its helped.