Breast Pump ?

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Hi ladies! I have a double electric Medela breast pump, but I am looking for a single, manual or electric, breast pump that is small in size for weekend travel. I nurse exclusively when I am home, but it would be nice to take something smaller than my medela when we go away on weekends. With the upcoming Christmas season I am going to need something smaller. Between 2 kids and a dog we have very little room in our SUV. What are your suggestions?


  • RBXChas
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    I am a big fan of my Avent double electric, and they have a single electric and a manual pump, but given that you're using Medela, I'd stick with their manual so that everything is interchangeable.
  • lj3jones
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    I have the medela harmony and it works ok, I would recommend pumping first thing in the morning when LO is nursing (nursing on one breast, pumping the other. takes a bit of practice, but I seem to get much better yeild (I usually get enough for a full bottle this way). Haven't pumped in a few weeks because J is having a sleep regression, but as soon as he go backs to better sleeping, I will be going back to pumping enough for a couple of bottles a week.
  • Jenny_Rose77
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    I like my Harmony. I think it's just as effective as the double-electric pump I have. It's not as efficient time-wise (takes a bit longer to yield the same in ounces, though it will, for me, as long as I put in the time), but I don't find that to be much of a problem as I rarely pump anyway, and when I do it usually just needs to be enough to make a bottle for someone other than me to feed the baby.
  • Sjenny5891
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    I got better results using a double pump than a single. I don't know how much space yours takes up, but I stored mine in a small gym bag for easy travel.

    BTW. I've heard the Medela is stronger than the cheap one I bought so you would end up getting more milk in less time than I was able to.- Something you might want to consider.
  • prplrose33
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    Thanks ladies. I ended up going with the Medela. Got it for $30 on Amazon (YAY). I love my double electric Medela, but I rarely use it now that I am home with my kids more. I just needed something for traveling and work days so I didn't have to drag my electric one around. This will be soooo much easier.