New Year's Resolutions!

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Now... nobody get mad! I know this is a lifestyle change and made for the long term. It is not just a half-hearted promise that is generally linked to failure. However, with the holiday season just about over, is there anything that maybe you want to concentrate on for January or pay particular attention to for the next couple of months?

1. I am going to start the 30 day Shred again at the beginning in January w/ my husband. lol! He's worried that I'll get stronger and faster than him. (Actually he was impressed last time I did it because he tried and only lasted 5 min.) Even if he quits, I like having a goal! :happy:
2. I am also going to get one crockpot item going a week. It's easier on the budget, calories and time. AND lasts as leftovers for a couple of days!

Happy Holidays and now back to work for me! :flowerforyou:


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    My goals for the new year will stay about the same as they have been, eat healthier and get more exercise! However I am excited about the new year and the restart button that comes a long with it. After a few weeks of bad food chioces and less exercise than normal, I am excited to start fresh again :bigsmile:
  • My New Years goal is to keep saving for my treadmill... I am 27 dollars in (this is with just saving the silver change from my wallet at the end of the week, and now that Christmas is done I may start to save the loonies and toonies (1 and 2 dollar coins) as well so it doesn't take another year!!!
    My other goal is to nag my husband till her quits smoking so I don't have to care for him when he has a heart attack or stroke at 38!!
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    Malia, sounds like your plan is already in place. :wink:
    Holly, I know you wanted that treadmill... sounds like you're determined!!! Good luck w your husband and the smoking. It's a tough sell but would be wonderful if you succeeded! :happy:

    My husband is already starting to waffle about the Shred! lol! He's too funny!
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    Husbands love waffles, and we are here mostly to provide entertainment and humor to our spouses.
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    Ah Holly, I wish your husband strength. Addictions are such awful things. Best of luck to you both! Nice that you get to travel with him, though. Where do you go?

    Darling Dan, You're funny!

    P1xy, You're so impressive!

    Malia, Aren't reset buttons great? When I'm off (like those sugar cookies last month) I try to think, it's just one day, start fresh.

    My goal is to transition into maintenance some time this year. I seem to have the losing weight down (fingers crossed). It's nice that it doesn't take any planning, just keep it as low as possible while getting good nutrition.

    Maintenance is going to require a balancing act. I'm already thinking "Oh, I'll be able to have xxxx again" and that's often when it starts coming it back; so I'm apprehensive. But hopefully it will be different this time with so many people helping.
  • I quit smoking probably about 2 years ago but I would still smoke occasionally, the last smoke I had was awful and finally I don't crave it... It wasn't easy but my health improved so much!!!
    This is my first trip with him and we are going to Reddeer Alberta and then who knows!

    The goals I'm hearing sound very realistic... It's so easy to fall into the huge goal/failure cycle as we all know! I think this is a very down to earth group!!
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    Since my 2013 was filled with major changes health and weight wise, I've decided to keep doing what I'm doing in 2014 and add in a few non-weight loss related goals:

    1) I will spend at least 1 hour a night on a creative endeavor that has nothing to do with work and doesn't involve me multitasking.

    2) I will do at least one outdoor activity every weekend.

    3) I will be mindful of wasting energy on things I cannot fix or change.

    I hope you all have a happy, healthy, and safe new year!! :happy:
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    Emmerin78, Great goals. DW (Dear Wife) and I have started doing the second item on your list and our lives have been much the better for it. Pick fun things to do and enjoy!

    I need to embrace the third item, but that has been a fight I've had my entire life! (Honestly, it has contributed to my bad eating patterns so I really do need to find a way to let these things go.

    Paula, I wish I could be there at the same time to help you with discovering maintenance. However you will have to be the leader of the pack in this one. I look forward to learning from all you share! If and when you or anyone else on this thread gets to maintenance, let Mark or I know. I think a thread dedicated to Maintenance will be an important tool for many!
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    Emmerin, those are great goals. I love #2 , I might incorporate that later. :happy:

    I started the Shred last night and hubby actually did it.... my oh my is he sore. lol! But what a sweetheart.:love:

    Dan, that was so funny. I actually told dh, he laughed. The boy laughs his waffles. lol!
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    The boy laughs his waffles.

    Hmmm. I prefer mine with butter, syrup and occasionally bacon cooked in. But laughing them could be fun too. :huh: :flowerforyou:
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    erg... loves not laughs~ lol! Bacon huh? :noway: I won't be telling him that one. He'll be asking forever. :laugh:
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    My resolution is to change the way I think about food and exercise. I don't want food to be as important to me as it has been in the past. I want to embrace the motto "eat to live not live to eat", which I never really took time to fully comprehend. And I want exercise to be something I do for fun; I want to be more active on a daily basis.