Possible to shave 20 minutes off between 1st and 2nd 26.2?

Hey folks, subject says it all. Did my first 26 .2 on 10/12, was just getting over bronchitis and missed my 3:45 goal, came in at 3:50. I'm taking it up a few notches this year, and would love to be able to crack 3:30. Is a 20:00+ improvement a realistic goal?


Edited to say: "Is a 20:00+ improvement year-over-year a realistic goal?"


  • TriLifter
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    I'm 100% certain I could knock 20 minutes off my time, but we both know what a horrible mess that thing was in the first place...

    Considering the situation you were in (bronchitis) and the fact that Hartford was your first, I see no reason why, with proper training, you couldn't shave that much time off your next race. One of your biggest issues, unfortunately, will be staying healthy. :ohwell:
  • bert16
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    I totally think you can, Pete... you had a much faster race in you when you ran your first, if not for the bronchitis (maybe this time, you'll listen to my "boy in a bubble" idea!). :laugh: Even without any challenges for my first full, as well as some high quality couch surfing stints between them, I cut 10:21 between my first and second fulls and without a doubt had a much faster race in me... just sat back on it waaaaaayyyy too much and my HR tells the tale. Given your health challenges for #1 and all the consistent training you've been doing since then, I think you can totally some in under 3:30.

    Now go get it!!!!