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    I want to thank you ALL for participating in the challenge also to those that had to drop....All of your enthusiasm keeps the challenge going and keeps your teammates kicking butt! I LOVE how supportive you all always are!! I'm the luckiest challenge runner cuz I KNOW my people are the Absolute Best!!! :heart: :love: :flowerforyou:

    And I want to give again a HUGE HUGE HUGE Thank You to All The Team Leaders on All The TEAMS for all the Extra work you put in to helping your team, helping me and keeping your team motivated and kicking serious *kitten*!!!! I know I've said it before...but could NEVER Say It Enough!! There is No Way I could do any of this without you guys!! Many of you have continued to "sign up" for my challenges and continued to volunteer to help for many challenges now....You guys work your butt of in your own personal life and then give even more of yourselves by all you do here!!
    You Are ALL Such Special People!!!! :flowerforyou:

  • scythswife
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    Great job everyone.
  • pamcuster
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    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, Sheri, for another wonderful challenge! I feel like I'm *almost* back to my old self!

    And, WOW, didn't the Sharks completely dominate?! LOL!!!

    Who's up for ROUND TWO???

    :laugh: :heart:
  • Sheri869
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    ^ yeah yeah! lol!! I was getting pretty tired of typing "Sharks" so much!! :tongue: You all did one heck of a job....but we had a Dolphin Dominate!! :bigsmile:
  • usernamekelly1
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    Conratz to Verda on the weight loss and Mary wow them inches melted off you hun and awesome job to Ali on the points.... and a big big internet ^5 to all those who kept on going until the end x And last but by no means least, thank you to Sheri for keeping putting on the best mfp challenge by miles, you rock x
  • kmbhoya2000
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    Congratulations!! Great job everyone!! :)
  • fang19423
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    Wow what a great challenge! Firstly a massive thank you Sheri for continuing to challenge us. You rock!!!!

    Verde, congratulations - you have done a marvellous job and deserve your success even if you are a Dolphin :laugh:

    However, i have to give a huge shout out to all of the Shark team. We gave it socks! I am so proud to be part of such a wonderful group of people and a special word of thanks to Ali for sticking with us despite your illness :flowerforyou:

    Roll on the next challenge :tongue:
  • vhuber
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    Yay I'm "THEE BEAST" & You ALL are too, especially you Sharks! WOW look how you stacked out in everything!! Congrats to you!!!

    My husband is glad the challenge is over but I will be ready when Sheri puts up another!!! I will lay low till my Dr. gives me the go ahead to do P90X3!!!

    Once again you ALL are my beastie buddies & we will rock on! Good job!!!!
  • barkingbetty
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    Yay! Congratulations everyone :drinker: I'm so excited that the Sharks did so well :love:

    Sheri, thank you SO MUCH for creating such a wonderful challenge for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I can't wait for the next one. I hope that a group of us can keep in touch until the next challenge starts! I love my MFP friends! :heart:
  • jaajh
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    I have just seen these results and WOW!

    First, congratulations have to go to Verda - you are officially the BEST BEAST :bigsmile: Even if you aren't a Shark :laugh: Well done - and your victory was totally deserved :flowerforyou:

    But, it has to be said that the SHARKS ROCKED! So incredibly proud to be part of this amazing team. Not only do they rock in these challenges, they are also the best, most supportive team I could have wished for. The end of 2013 was pretty hideous for me, but when I was able to get online the first thing I always did was to get on here and open up the Sharks page - it never failed to make me smile :heart: :love: :heart: Love you all!

    I am proud to have won the points challenge (so glad I put such an effort in early on ... the last couple of weeks were not so great, but by that point I was quite nicely ahead :laugh: ) And SHERI - as I said before, I :heart: that you pushed us in areas other than fitness. Those good/bad habits helped me so much, as did the water/sodium parts. THANK YOU!

    The biggest congrats though, have to go to Sheri - you create the most awesome challenges every time. THANK YOU for your sacrifice of time and commitment - and for motivating all of us to achieve these incredible results. Looking forward to the next one already (just give me a month to get back to full fitness :wink: )
  • tabbydog
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    Awesome job everyone! Verda you totally ROCK!

    I was a loser last week and barely got the workouts in, and didn't meet the calorie burn goal. Between the cold and the snow and the ice I wasn't able to run much Monday-Friday and that is where I burn my calories.

    Thank you for the awesome challenge! I lost 14 pounds I would not have lost (a few were before this challenge started) without you all for inspiration. Can't wait for the next one! I am almost at my goal! Its a good thing because marathon training starts at the end of this month!
  • FindingSamMon
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    Awesome job everyone! The fact that so many Sharks did so well in the finals is WONDERFUL (and totally not a surprise)!
  • bellesouth18
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    Congratulations to the winners! :love: :flowerforyou:

    My congrats also go to those who finished the whole challenge. :love:

    Y'all totally rock!

    Thanks Sheri for making it all possible! :drinker: :heart:

    And thanks to the team leaders who were her right hand people! :heart: :smokin:

    And a special thanks to my Tiger team mates. Y'all are awesome!!! :flowerforyou: :smokin: :heart: :drinker:

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