The Magic Number

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So we all read, and I admittedly spout, this 1800 calorie minimum threshold as per

Does anyone out there actually eat less than that and still have a supply to speak of? Just curious. If I were ever to go less than 1800 (definitely no less than 1500), I'd eat back all my exercise calories. I'm wondering if it might help me out of my funk and get things moving so I don't have to wait until late May (my son's first birthday) to start losing weight again.



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    I think it is widely differ women to women. I have not experience supply drop at any calorie level. Have not experinec weight drop either at any calorie level during Bfing, so go figure :huh:

    My baby welcomed solids at 6 months, and she started self weaning with a rapid speed after that. Between the age of 6 months to 8.5 months, she went from EBfing to not willing to take the boobs except before/after bedtime and once at night.(exception when she is sick)After this rapid self-weaning period, we stayed at this Bfing level for the past almost 4 months. ( seem to change in the past 3-4 days yay!)

    During the past 4 months , I gradually adjusted my calorie intake from 2100 to 1650 calories, and I have not seen ANY change in supply. Plus during the winter holiday my entire family was sick with the flu including the baby, and she barely ate solids for a week and went back to almost excursively Bfing for this short period. Since I was sick too and swallowing was painful , I was barely eating, like 1000 on average for a week. ( see my diary) . Still I had good supply. felt like *kitten* , but had a good supply. lol.

    When you Bfing and not pumping, it is hard to determinate how much supply you actually have and how much your baby eats, but based n what I experienced, I still have good supply. For example in the past couple of days my daughter finally seem to giving up the night feeding , which resulted a sharp increase in her appetite. I assume she is eating like a madman because she actually was consuming substantial food during the night Bfing, which now she has to replace with table food. Today she ate 2 mini almond muffin ( very heavy ) for breakfast instead of the usual one, plus she ate a 175 g yogurt and an entire banana, that is like 450 calorie breakfast .
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    I did 1600 calories (1200 + 400) but didn't start that until my baby was a year old and well into solid food.
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    a nutritionist recommended a friend do 1700, but she is 4'8" so very short.